Six reasons why Azimo is top for great-value money transfer

1. We do things differently

We’re not a big bank with massive overheads. And we’re not a traditional money transfer company stuck in its ways. Our online platform enables customers to send money for less to 195 countries around the world, in 80 different currencies, from any internet-connected device. And all for as little as £1. Here’s one example of just how cheap we are to send money to Poland:

2. We’re not on the high street

Being on the high street costs an awful lot of money. Western Union and Moneygram have agents – newsagents or small retailers – who handle the transactions and make money from each transfer they process. Azimo doesn’t have any agents, so we don’t have to pay them anything.

Banks, well they’re banks. They’ve got massive costs to cover on rent, staff, utilities and marketing. Oh, and they’ve got to pay for all those tiny free pens they give away in branches. By cutting out the costs of being on the high street, we can pass on massive savings to our customers.

3. We don’t take cash

Accepting cash for money transfers takes time and costs money. So we don’t do it. Instead, when you send money with Azimo, you can pay in lots of other, more practical ways: using a credit or debit card, from bank account to bank account using online or telephone banking, or in certain markets using payment services like Sofort or iDeal. Cashless transfers mean less costs for us and more savings for you.

4. We’re 100% digital

We only transfer money via our app or website, which means we don’t have to spend money on a huge workforce and we can pass on that saving to our customers. We do still have a customer service team, though, so it’s easy to get in touch if you need help. And as we speak English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Russian and Romanian we can sort things out quickly.

5. We don’t pay banker bonuses

Financial services traditionally mean big pay packets. And often even bigger bonuses. But that’s not how we do things at Azimo. We understand how hard our customers have worked to earn the money they’re sending home. So the last thing we’re going to do is rip them off with extortionate prices while paying ourselves excessive amounts.

6. We stick to what we’re good at

At Azimo, we stick to what we’re good at. This focus on making money transfer better for our customers means we don’t make the same massive mistakes some of the banks have made in their pursuit of massive profits. And as a result, we haven’t had to deal with shelling out billions in compensation – unlike these bank balls-ups:

BNP Paribas: $8.9 billion

In 2014, France’s largest bank, BNP Paribas, was ordered to pay $8.9 billion for violating sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Sudan.

HSBC: $1.9 billion

In 2012, HSBC agreed to pay US authorities a settlement of $1.9 billion after the bank breached money-laundering rules.

Commerzbank: $1.45 billion

In 2015, Germany’s second-largest bank, Commerzbank, was fined $1.45 billion for violating economic sanctions against businesses in Iran and Sudan.

Since launching in 2011, we’ve revolutionised the way people send money around the globe, bridging the gap between the world’s 250 million international migrants and their families back home. Ready to join the Azimo revolution? Head to our homepage, check out our brilliant rates and start saving today!