Six brilliant ways to spoil your mum silly for Mother’s Day 2017!

Mothering Sunday, Fête des Mères, Día de la Madre, Ziua Mamei – whatever you like to call it, Mother’s Day is a truly global event. This year, Mothering Sunday takes place on 26th March in the UK, Ireland and Nigeria; many other countries, such as Colombia and India, celebrate on the second Sunday in May (14th May 2017). Whenever you’re celebrating, here are six surefire ways to surprise your mum and make her feel special.

Give her a bit of space

No, we don’t mean leave home! Instead, for just under £20, you can buy your mum an acre of land on the Moon, Mars or Venus. She’ll even get a certificate and site map if she ever fancies heading up there, although return rocket transport isn’t included. Also, in the case of Venus, it’s hot enough to melt lead. Alternatively, for less than £100, you can buy her a whopping ten acres – enough for her dream retirement home!

Give her a (virtual) helping hand

Robots are no longer restricted to sci-fi movies – in fact, robotic vacuum cleaners are charged up and ready to respond to your every cleaning need right now. One of the best models out there is the Dyson 360Eye, which sucks up a lot more than most. It can even be linked to a mobile phone so your mum can stretch out on the sofa and get the vacuuming done at the same time. Now that’s what we call domestic bliss!

Take the pain out of preparing dinner

Hiring your mum her own private chef might be a bit over the top, even for Mother’s Day, but instead you can indulge her with the next best thing – a subscription to HelloFresh. Sign her up and she’ll receive a weekly delivery of seasonal farm-fresh food to her doorstep, pre-measured into nightly portions and ready to cook with easy-to-follow recipes included. And remember, if you’re still living at home, it’s a win-win present!

Send her wild

She’s survived bringing you up at home, so why not put your mum to the ultimate test with a Bear Grylls Survival in Africa Course in Zimbabwe? She’ll learn everything from knife skills to how to cross a raging river. Then she’ll set out from the bush camp at dawn on a 30-hour expedition into the wilderness where she’ll encounter amazing wildlife as she navigates towering gorges, rugged savanna and the white waters of the Zambezi River. If she makes it, she’ll be rewarded with a helicopter flip over Victoria Falls and family boasting rights for years to come.

Lift her spirits

There can be few more uplifting ways to thank your mum for all her kindness and hard work over the years than by sending her skywards on a dramatic sunrise balloon flight over the surreal ancient landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey. The area is peppered with bizarre ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations and is one of the planet’s most beautiful ballooning sites. She won’t be alone up there (see below), but the other balloons only add to the stunning views.

Make her day with Azimo!

Heart-shaped chocolates, flowers and chunks of moon are all very well, but the best present of all on Mother’s Day is to send some extra money back home. Azimo’s market-leading platform lets you send money to more than 190 countries across the globe in just a few clicks with brilliant rates, super-fast service and ultra-low fees starting from just £1. Head to our homepage and start saving today!