Perfect gifts: how to make Father’s Day special in 2016

From signing him up for dancing lessons to sending some extra money home, Azimo has lined up seven brilliant ways to spoil your dad this June.

Dia del Padre, Fête des Pères, Dia do Pai – whatever you choose to call it, Father’s Day has become a truly global tradition. Countries everywhere from Argentina to Zimbabwe now celebrate on the third Sunday in June – and this year it takes place on the 19th. Whatever type of dad yours is (or thinks he is), here are six surefire ways to make him feel extra special.

Forgetful Dad

 Pic: alaskajewelry.com

Dads are renowned for forgetting every date of any importance – whether it’s your birthday or his own wedding anniversary. So the Remember Ring could be just what he needs: 24 hours before the date you’ve inscribed, it heats up to 120oF for 10 seconds, and continues to do so every hour all day long. The ring hasn’t actually gone into production yet, though, so you’ll need to pre-order it and pick him up a diary in the meantime.

Masterchef Dad

 Pic: theinternationalkitchen.com

The barbecue has always been Dad’s domain, but now he’s taking over in the kitchen as well – a recent survey showed that 30% of men now describe cooking as one of their favourite hobbies. That doesn’t mean they’re any good at it, though, so brush up his skills by sending him on a cookery course and he might never burn the sausages again. Classes take place across Europe.

Swinging Dad

 Pic: youtube.com

If he’s more concerned about his par score than anything else, then give him a helping hand on the fairway with a Skycaddie Touch. The GPS device has a glove-friendly touchscreen and it comes preloaded with 35,000 course maps, which should keep him out of your hair for a while. There’s even a built-in swing analysis feature so he can’t blame all those bogey scores on his clubs any more.

Lazy Dad

 Pic: https://www.flickr.com/photos/janitors/. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

The sleek wristband records every step your old man takes, whether it’s jogging around the park or strolling between the sofa and the fridge. It can even track his sleep pattern while he’s dozing in front of the football after Sunday lunch – and the alarm clock will help wake him up at the final whistle.

Macho Dad

Pic: beargryllssurvivalacademy.com

This challenge will test the bond between any father and child: send your dad off into the wilds of north-west Scotland on one of TV tough guy Bear Grylls’ most extreme survival courses, which starts with eating roast rat and ends with him being dropped on to an uninhabited island for the night and having to find his way back to civilisation. He’ll love every minute, almost.

Embarrassing Dad

Pic: metro.co.uk

Dads have the ability to embarrass their kids pretty much anywhere, from trying to speak the local lingo on holiday to singing out of tune on the school run. But where they’re at their most dangerously embarrassing is on the dancefloor. Before you’re all invited to the next wedding party, sign him up for a series of lessons so he can dance a tango without tripping over his own shoelaces.

Deserving Dad

Survival courses and novelty rings are all very well, but probably the best present of all on Father’s Day is to send some extra money back home. And there’s no better transfer service than Azimo. Our fees are significantly lower than those of banks or other money transfer services – in some cases up to 80% lower. That’ll leave you with even more money to spend on a call home on 19th June!