The new Azimo starts here

Can building a better business, help build a better world?

At Azimo we think it can. And that’s why 4 years ago we decided to take on the unfair, expensive world of money transfer. We’re happy and humbled to see how far we’ve come — connecting almost half a million people to our platform, moving millions of pounds across the world. All at better exchange rates, with lower fees, with way less hassle. But, for us, this is just the beginning.

So we challenged ourselves to think about what our brand really stands for, to decide what would make us work even harder and to discover what we want Azimo to become. And we distilled it down to a single word as our ambition, yardstick, mantra, rallying call and compulsory company tattoo. It is a concept that touches so much of what we do, that informs so much of what we aspire to.


It’s also why Azimo was started in the first place.

Building a better world

We believed when we started, and we still believe now, that if it costs less to send money around the world, then more money can reach the people who should be getting it. We also believe that if you scale the savings up, to the size of a community, or even a country, the effects could be startling. Our better way of transferring money might actually help to build a better world.

The four corners of ‘Better’

Having started in a cramped room in 2012 we’re now 90 strong in two offices, in London and Krakow. And we know we owe our success to a fantastic team. We mean it when we say they’re all champions in their respective fields. They have to be good, because at Azimo we’re reinventing money transfers. And when you’re trying to do something for the first time, you can’t hire people who’ve done it before. So our people are brave, smart and ambitious, just like our customers.

Working together we’re building a better Azimo according to these four principles:

  • For the People
  • Think Carefully, Move Quickly, Get Stuff Done
  • Be Bold, Do It Different, Make a Difference
  • Work Smart, Act Nice, Make Friends

They’re four principles that have helped us create the new Azimo we’re launching today.

A new look. A new app. An even better service.

Obviously all our grand ideals would count for nothing if the service we built didn’t deliver. It needs to be fast, simple, safe, and a lot less expensive than what has gone before. And we also know that to give you, our customers, the service you deserve, we constantly have to find ways to make what we do better. That’s why we’ve developed a beautifully simple new look, and built an awesome new app.

A world of circles.

Central to our new design is the shape of the circle. It’s a perfect choice for us as the globe is a circle, a coin is a circle, and as the old saying has it, ‘money makes the world go round’. But there’s more to it than that.

Our customers are migrants who have moved from one country to another and are often sending money back to support their families. We know when the money gets home, it might go to one person, but it spreads out to a much larger circle, creating a better life for all. And for us, to be able to play a small part in that process, is a privilege.

That’s why we’ll always be proud to say that we are Azimo. The better way to transfer money.

Thank you for helping us get this far.
Michael Kent & Marta Krupinska