We are multilocal – a TED Talk by Taiye Selasi

You might not know that we operate from two European countries – UK and Poland. And across the whole team, we belong to 20 nationalities and speak even more different languages.

By some wonderful chance, we all landed at Azimo and realised we have much more in common than we would have guessed. So if you ask our team members ‘where are you from?’, quite often the answer will be ‘it’s complicated’. We are from a lot of different places all at the same time, we hold several passports, nationalities, speak multiple languages and have lived in more than one country. What about you?

That’s why Taiye Selasi’s latest TED Talk “Don’t ask where I’m from, ask where I’m a local” hit home for us. As a writer and photographer, Taiye is of Ghanaian and Nigerian origin, born in the UK and raised in the US, but considers herself ‘a local of New York, Rome and Accra’. The talk was born out of societies need for our birthplace to ‘define’ who we are, rather than celebrate all the places that have influenced who we’ve become.

In her talk, Taiye, hits the nail on the head:

‘As any recent immigrant knows, the question “Where are you from?” or “Where are you really from?” is often code for “Why are you here?”’

So take a moment and watch, as we think you might like – or even relate – to what she has to say.

Header image via Nikolaj Potanin Flickr