Cash pick-up points in Sierra Leone and Guinea tripled

Cash pick-up points in Sierra Leone and Guinea tripled

Thanks to some exciting new partnerships in Sierra Leone and Guinea, it’s now even more convenient for anyone to send or pick-up money in these two West African countries.

That’s because we’ve revamped our network in Sierra Leone and Guinea and tripled the number of cash pick-up points where money can be collected. Of course, if you’d prefer to send money to a bank account in these countries, that’s easy too – whether you use our website or our mobile app.

Best of all, because Azimo’s transfer rates are low cost for the sender, more of the money you send – in local currency, Euros or US dollars – reaches the people you want it to reach. This isn’t just good for the individuals receiving the money, it’s also good for the country they live in.

As Michael Kent, one of the founders of Azimo, puts it:
‘In the last year, Sierra Leone and Guinea have experienced significant economic strain due to the Ebola crisis. Important at any time, remittances from countries like the UK provide major support to help a country rebuild and recover from one of the worst epidemics to hit any region this century’.

Our growth in Sierra Leone and Guinea shows just how much demand there is out there for a money transfer service that’s fast, secure and that’s a low-cost alternative to the old ways of sending money abroad. In addition to cash-pick up, Azimo enables its customers to send money to Sierra Leone and Guinea via SWIFT. And mobile top-up means you can add airtime to your friend or family’s mobile phone instantly.

We’ve built a network that already serves families, friends and businesses in 195 countries around the world. We’re constantly expanding our network, so stay tuned as we roll-out more services across Africa this year.

In the meantime, check out our Sierra Leone and Guinea pages for the most up to date rates here and download our mobile app from the Apple and Google Play app store to send money, anywhere, anytime.