Die besten Überweisungs-Apps im Jahr 2021

The best money transfer apps in 2021

It’s been over five years since mobile internet use web first surpassed that of desktops and laptops. Consequently, more people are turning to mobile apps to send money overseas. Continue reading to discover more, including:

  • The best international money transfer app features.
  • The best apps to receive and send money. 
  • The cheapest apps to send money internationally.
  • The best apps for secure money transfers.

Best apps for international payments

With billions of pounds sent in remittances every year, it’s no surprise that most leading providers now have launched smartphone and tablet apps. Whether on iOS or Android, you can now download and use a money transfer service on-the-go. 

Best money sending apps

If you want to send money abroad, there are plenty of excellent apps on the market. In addition to speed, price and security, you’ll want to know what different money transfer providers apps have to offer. The table below shows some of the most popular providers and their in-app features.

                          Provider          Best app features
               AzimoMobile top-up. 
Transfer tracking & push notifications. 
Face and Touch ID.
Refer a friend invite code
       WesternUnionTouch ID security. 
Pay bills to thousands of companies. 
Multi-language functionality.
                SkrillTrade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and XRP.
Get the Skrill prepaid MasterCard. 
Move your account balance 24/7.
        TransferWiseHold money in several currencies. 
Send verification documents.
2-step login for extra security.
              RemitlySend money to mobile wallets across the world. 
Two pricing options for sending money overseas.
          WorldRemitAirtime top-up to your recipient’s phone. 
Cash pick-up locator. 
          MoneyGramExchange rate and fee estimator. 
Biometric identification.Transfer tracking.
          transferGoDifferent pricing options for international money transfers.
Transfer tracking and push notifications. 
One-tap money transfers.
                PayPalOnline invoicing. 
Pay for goods online. 
Personalised recipient and sender photos.
                  RiaFace and Touch ID. 
Upload credit/debit card details with your smartphone camera. 
Cash pick-up locator.

Cheapest app to send money internationally

If you’re looking for the cheapest money transfer service, look no further than Azimo. 

That’s because when exchange rates and fees are taken into account, Azimo usually has the lowest overall price on international money transfers. 

Firstly, Azimo exchange rates are comparable to the mid-market rate, i.e. the fair exchange rate. Secondly, there’s only one, low and transparent fee for international transfers. Both of these factors make Azimo cheaper than many so-called “zero-fee or zero-commission” transfer providers.

Best apps to receive and send money

If you regularly send and receive international money transfers, you may want apps that perform both functions like TransferWise and PayPal. With both providers, you can send money and receive payments in multiple currencies to people so long as they have accounts too. 

With a TransferWise multi-currency account, there’s the option of getting a debit card for a £5 fee to use for online and contactless payments. Whereas with PayPal’s wallet system, you can request money from contacts and make purchases online. 

Best apps to receive money

Receiving money from loved ones can make a massive difference to everyday life for many people worldwide. If you need an app to help you collect funds from contacts overseas, providers like PayPal and Apple Pay have the features to help. 

By using these web applications, you can receive money and keep track of incoming payments from anywhere across the globe. 

Best apps for secure money transfers

With the advancement of digital technology, most modern money transfer apps are equipped with the latest safety protocols. Digital providers such as Azimo, TransferWise and Remitly are no exception, all offering 3-D secure technology systems and bank-level security. 

When choosing a money transfer service, look for apps with features like MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa and CyberSource to ensure your transfers are always safe. 

Best money transfer app for business

When making business payments, don’t use banks or money transfer services without dedicated business services. Banks are up to 75% more expensive than using business money transfer providers like Azimo Business, WorldRemit and Skrill.

Additionally, services like Azimo Business, PayPal and TransferWise all offer tailored-made business accounts and customer support teams. In the case of Azimo Business, you also get a dedicated account manager to assist in your transfers around the clock.