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What is the best way to transfer money internationally?

Now that you are well on your way through the first steps of moving to the UK, another question that you might ask is how to best to transfer money abroad.

This could either be to your family or loved ones back home, or for your own use if you are going to be doing some travelling. It used to be that traditional bank to bank transfers were the answer, but now in this tech age, digital services like Azimo are the way to go.

With Azimo, transferring money online has never been safer, quicker or cheaper – let us make sending funds from your new country back home easier than ever.

How much cheaper?

With Azimo, you can save up to 75% versus the fees that banks charge.

Plus Azimo is fully transparent – we always show you the rates that you’ll receive upfront, with no hidden costs, so that you know exactly what deal you are getting. We are proud to offer low fees starting from only £1 and market leading exchange rates to always save you money when you send money.

How much faster?

Most transfers with Azimo go through in just one working day. This means no more waiting around in long queues at banks or traditional money transfer companies – you can send funds 24/7 through our website or our award-winning mobile app. Send money back home at anytime, no matter where you are in the world.

How can I use transfers to help me when abroad?

The UK is a huge hub for travelling, as it is very easy to get decently priced transport to and from a lot of European cities, and beyond. So if you have moved here, chances are you might like to do some exploring of your own. When travelling, you’ll not only want to receive the best exchange rate possible, but also shouldn’t carry large amounts of cash on you in general.

Instead, we offer our easy to use cash-pick up service. With over 270,000 pick-up locations worldwide in 190 countries, all you have to do is transfer funds to yourself and collect it at whichever spot is easiest for you. This way you can take out only what you need and not have a lot on you.

You can transfer the funds no matter where you are – home or abroad – and have the money ready waiting for you.