How to send money to the Philippines

For the millions of Filipinos working overseas who send money home every month, quick and safe delivery of their funds is a top priority.

Here at Azimo we are constantly making money transfers faster and cheaper for all those sending back home to their family and loved ones. We make sure that more of your hard earned money goes to where it matters most.

Choose from a variety of ways to send back home, so you can always send the way that suits you best.

Cash-pick up

Earlier this year we introduced instant money transfers to the Philippines. If you need to transfer money overseas, you can now do so in under 1 hour with our cash pick-up service!

The recipient will be able to collect the funds at one of over 5,000 branches available. Ideal for those sending to family and friends back home, or for those travelling in the country. It’s always best not to carry too much cash on you during your travels, so take out only what you need with cash-pick up.

Bank Transfer

Need to send money to a bank account in the Philippines within 24 hours? Azimo offers same day delivery for any bank account in the Philippines.

Home Delivery

Have your money delivered straight to your loved ones’ door. If you need to make an international transfer to a recipient that might not be able to leave the house, such as elderly parents, this helpful option transports the money straight to their home within 24 hours.

Mobile Wallet

If you prefer not to always carry your cards or wallet with you, then sending money to your mobile wallet is available. In this hi-tech age, digital tools are the future – including how you store your money.

Mobile Top-Up

Mobile top-up is an additional service, helpful for those long-distance chats with family and friends back home. You can top up the recipients’ mobile phone from wherever you are, giving them minutes to be able to talk.

Azimo offers a variety of ways to send money to the Philippines to give you the option of choosing what works best for you. Whether it’s home delivery or an instant cash pick-up, you can rest easy knowing that your money will be delivered safely and securely, and always with 100% transparency.

Transfer money home to the Philippines now with our low fees and market-leading rates, and start saving when you send!