How to send money to Nigeria

For the millions of Nigerians who send money home, quick and safe delivery of their transfers is a top priority.

Azimo has been sending money to Nigeria for over 5 years, working with trusted, local financial institutions to safely deliver millions of Naira every month.

You can choose from a few delivery methods, so you are able to send the way that suits you. Whichever way you choose, you’ll always get the same quick, safe delivery of your money, with low, transparent fees.

Helpful tips

When making your transfer, remember to check the spelling of your recipient’s name, their bank account details and the NUBAN number. It might seem simple, but sometimes going back to double check that the entered details are correct can make a world of difference.

Since Azimo is a regulated financial institution, we are required by law to ask for Proof of ID at some point. If you make a transfer to Nigeria and we ask you to send us a picture of a document that verifies your identity (like a passport), don’t worry as it’s just a standard safety procedure. We simply need to verify that it’s actually you sending the money.

Delivery methods

24/7 bank transfers

Azimo offers 24/7 transfers to any bank account in Nigeria. Yes, 24/7. That means you can send money abroad quickly and securely, even over the weekend. No wahala.

On average, bank transfers to any bank account in Nigeria take less than 30 minutes. Your money will be with your recipient faster than ever before.

Mobile top-up

Helpful for those long-distance chats with family and friends back home, mobile top-up is a great way to help you keep in contact. You can top up the recipient’s mobile phone from wherever you are, giving them minutes to be able to talk.

Azimo will keep you updated on your transfer every step of the way with emails and push notifications, so that you’ll always know where your money is. Transfer money home to Nigeria now with our low fees and market-leading rates, and start saving when you send!