Las 8 razones por las que tu dinero está seguro con Azimo

8 reasons your money is always secure with Azimo

When you use an online money transfer service, you want confidence that your money and personal data are secure. 

Azimo moves billions of pounds around the world at fantastic exchange rates. Read on to discover the security measures we put in place to keep your money safe.   

1. We monitor our system around the clock

Nothing gets past our industry-leading procedures and protocols. Our world-class compliance team is constantly scanning for suspicious activity or unusual transactions to make sure your financial security isn’t compromised. 

Backed-up by 24/7 monitoring, our technology is the first line of defence in protecting your money.      

2. Bank-level security for your money

Our websites and mobile apps all use 3-D Secure technology systems such as MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa to make sure only valid payments are processed. 

Once you’ve approved your transfer, we use a system called CyberSource, the world’s largest fraud-detection radar, to keep your transactions risk-free.

3. Fingerprint/facial recognition for your Azimo app

If you already have an iOS or Android device, you’ll know that fingerprint or facial recognition technology are quick and convenient ways of accessing and protecting your information. That’s why we’ve added this extra layer of security to our apps. 

You can activate this feature in the settings section on My Azimo (found on the top right of your Azimo app home screen). From then on, you can use your unique identification to approve transfers and access your account and personal data.

4. We’re authorised by the FCA

Azimo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Electronic Money Institution. The FCA’s role is to maintain the integrity and fairness of the UK’s financial services companies. 

FCA authorisation does not guarantee the safety of your money, but it should give you confidence that the company you’re dealing with is a legitimate business. Azimo’s FCA number is FRN 900220.

5. We work with regulatory agencies abroad

As well as our FCA authorisation and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) licence in The Netherlands, we follow the rules and guidelines set by similar organisations in the countries we operate in. These agencies exist to protect you and make sure we’re always operating in good faith. 

6. Your money can’t be used for our business expenses

As part of our FCA regulation, we’re required to hold your funds in fully segregated client accounts with FCA-approved financial institutions. 

In simple terms, your money is kept in a separate pot from ours. That means we’ll never use your money to run our business or pay our costs.

7. We keep you safe from fraudsters

Just like other FCA-approved institutions, we constantly verify our users to protect them from potential fraud and scams. At Azimo this includes following the Know Your Customer or Client (KYC) protocol. 

Put simply, this is why we sometimes request documents to verify your ID or address. They help us protect your account from people who might try to impersonate you.

8. We’re registered with HMRC

Azimo is registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs as a Money Transmitter. That means we’re licenced by the highest authority in the UK to send electronic money, which in turn helps to prevent money laundering. Our money services business (MSB) licence number is 12676497.

Azimo is the faster, cheaper, safer way to make payments overseas. Set up an account in minutes and start sending cash to friends and family around the world.