Looking for faster money transfer to the Philippines? How does instant sound?

Here at Azimo, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our service for our customers. So we’re thrilled to announce a lightning-fast upgrade to the speed of our Philippines money transfers! In fact, your money will now get there faster than you can say ‘Manila’!

BDO Remit, the remittance service of the Philippines’ largest bank, now handles all Azimo transfers to the country, allowing recipients to have immediate access to money sent. Transfers are instant via credit to BDO Kabayan Savings and other BDO Unibank accounts, and under 30mins for all other bank accounts in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a population of more than 100 million and an overall GDP of almost $300 billion. But due to the increasing trend of migrant workers leaving the country to find work to support their loved ones, it’s estimated that nearly three million Filipinos now live abroad. And according to data from the World Bank, they send home $28.5 billion in personal remittances – just over a tenth of the nation’s GDP.

“The population of the Philippines is in decline year on year, with a huge and vibrant diaspora moving away from home in search of a way to support their families,” said Azimo’s CEO, Michael Kent. “Using traditional money transfer providers means their loved ones have to wait several days to receive the much-needed support – which, in the case of an emergency or with a bill to pay, is just not good enough. So we’re really pleased to be able to offer Filipinos a better, faster way to send and receive money that fits in with their needs – wherever they are in the world.”

Azimo’s service is also considerably cheaper when compared with traditional providers. We’re online only, so there’s no need for branches or agents, and we can pass on those savings directly to our customers.

As well as instant bank transfers, Azimo also enables cash pick-up through more than 8,000 BDO Remit cash pick-up locations in the Philippines, including SM locations, M. Lhuillier and Cebuana Lhuilier outlets and other rural banks, and pawnshop partners.

Azimo’s market-leading platform means you can send money to more than 190 countries across the globe in just a few clicks via our website or app. Ready to join the revolution? Head to Azimo’s dedicated Philippines homepage, check out our brilliant rates and start saving today!