What are instant money transfers?

What is an instant money transfer?

In a fast-paced world, you want things done as quickly as possible. From ordering pizzas to new shoes online, the sooner the better. It’s the same with international money transfers. When you send money to a loved one, you want instant delivery. Continue reading to discover what instant money transfers mean when you send money with Azimo. 

What is an Azimo instant transfer?

When Azimo says instant transfers, we mean transfers that take five minutes or less*. That’s about the time it takes to brew the perfect pot of tea. You can send instant Azimo transfers to countries such as:

*Transfers are timed from the moment Azimo receives your payment.

Why might I have to wait five minutes? Is that really instant? ⚡️?

What is an instant money transfer?

When you send an instant transfer with Azimo, we first have to receive your money from your bank account, then exchange that money for another currency.

That means your instant transfer could take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

We asked customers like you what they thought should count as an instant transfer. 

Five minutes was the cut-off point that most people agreed was acceptable. For countries and delivery methods where we go over the five-minute mark, we say “within minutes or within an hour”.

What about other money transfer providers?

How other transfer companies define “instant” depends on their terms and conditions. While instant means five minutes or less at Azimo, the same timeframe might be called something different by other providers. If you like speedy transfers, read Azimo’s article on what causes transfer delays and how to avoid them.

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