How to Send Money to Nigeria from the UK

If you send money to friends and family back home, you know how important it is that the transfer arrives safely, on time and at a low cost.

Banks and traditional money transfer providers are usually safe, but they are very expensive. Worse, their ageing technology means that transfers can take days rather than minutes.

So, how do you send money to Nigeria from the UK at a great price and with peace of mind? Let’s take a look at how banks and high street providers compare to an online provider like Azimo.


Banks and offline providers tend to be very slow. That’s because the technology most banks use was created in the 1970s, when the world was a much slower place.

As a result, sending money to Nigeria from a UK bank account can take around three days. Imagine having to wait three days for a WhatsApp or Viber message to reach a friend in Lagos.

Azimo, by contrast, delivers naira to a Nigerian bank account in less than 30 minutes. No wahala.


Banks and offline money transfer companies have been overcharging customers for years. Some providers charge customers up to 15% of the total amount that they send to their loved ones.

They do this by offering a poor exchange rate and pocketing the difference, or by advertising a great exchange rate and then adding sneaky fees once you’ve gone through all the hassle of setting up your transfer.

Azimo’s fees are low, transparent and stated up front. Our Nigerian naira exchange rates are some of the best available.


Setting up a money transfer to Nigeria in a shop or bank takes a long time. First, you have to find time in your day to visit them. If you’re doing that on your lunch break or at other peak times, you’re likely to have to queue. Once you’ve queued, there are forms to fill out. It’s a long, drawn-out process – and banking websites aren’t much better.

Azimo’s award-winning mobile apps and website make sending money to Nigeria simple and fast. Setting up an account takes minutes, and you can pay for your transfer by debit/credit card in seconds, no matter whether you’re on the bus or sitting on your sofa.

Once you’ve paid, emails and optional push notifications tell you where your money is, every step of the way.


Banks are certainly secure, and for many years that was their excuse for charging high fees for poor service.

These days, however, sending money online is as safe as any bank. Azimo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, the same regulator that gives banks their authorisation to trade.

Even better, our anti-fraud and encryption technology gives you extra peace of mind, and our systems are monitored 24/7. It’s no surprise that our customers trust us to handle millions of pounds, every day.

Sending money to Nigeria is easy, fast and safe with Azimo. Sign up today and we’ll give you two fee-free transfers to try our service.