Jak działa Azimo?

How does Azimo work?

If you want to know how Azimo works, look no further. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you.

Read on to discover how to use Azimo, including how to register for your free account and how to send your first transfer.   

How to register with Azimo 

Registering for an Azimo account is quick and easy. In fact, you can register with Azimo in just a few minutes. Go to azimo.com or download the Azimo app on iOS or Android to get started. All you need are:

  • Your full name as it appears on your ID.
  • An email address. 
  • A password of your choice.

Once we’ve verified your details, we’ll send you a confirmation email. After that, you’re ready to send your first transfer.

How to check exchange rates with Azimo

You can check Azimo’s exchange rates in two ways. 

First, by going to Azimo.com and clicking on ‘Where are you sending money to?’ to reveal the dropdown menu. Next, select your destination and we’ll take you to the relevant country page where you’ll see Azimo’s live exchange rate.

You can also check out the latest exchange rates on Monito, the independent comparison website. As you’ll see, Azimo’s exchange rates are comparable to mid-market exchange rates, i.e. the fair exchange rate. 

The other way of checking Azimo’s exchange rates is by using the Azimo app.

How to create a recipient on the Azimo app

If you’re using the website instead, you can skip to the next section. 

When you log into your Azimo account via the Azimo app, click on ‘New transfer’ then ‘Send to someone new’.

You can then enter how much money you want to send and we’ll convert the amount to your chosen currency using our market-leading exchange rate. At the same time, we’ll show you the corresponding delivery methods available for that currency.

After that, tap on ‘Add a recipient’ then ‘Another person’. After that, you’ll need to enter some details. These vary depending on your delivery method and destination country, but for transfers to a bank account you might need:

  • Your recipient’s first and last name.
  • Their email address (optional, but this will ensure they receive transfer updates).
  • Your recipient’s address and city.
  • Your recipient bank account number (and sometimes branch code/name).
  • Their Account SWIFT-BIC (SWIFT transfers only).
  • Payment reference (optional).

How to create a recipient on the Azimo website

When you log into your Azimo account, click on ‘Add new recipient’.  

Next, we’ll need your ‘Recipient’s country’ from the dropdown menu. Your recipient’s country is the country in which they will receive the money.

You’ll then need to choose which ‘currency’ your recipient will receive.

For example, if you’re sending money to the Philippines, you’ll need to select from either euros (EUR), US dollars (USD) or Philippine pesos (PHP). 

After that, you’ll then see the corresponding delivery methods for each currency. The table below shows you the currency and delivery options for transfers to the Philippines. 

Receiving currencyBank depositCash pick-upSwiftMobile walletHome delivery

Now you’ve chosen your pick-up currency and delivery method; you can enter your recipient’s details. If you’re sending to a bank account, you’ll usually need some or all of the following details for your recipient: 

  • Full name as it appears on their ID.
  • Email address (optional, but this will ensure they receive transfer updates).
  • Full address.
  • Bank name.
  • Bank account number.
  • Account SWIFT-BIC (SWIFT transfers only).
  • Mobile number. 

We’ll then ask you ‘How much do you want to send?’ in your local currency and show you the corresponding amount in your chosen receiving currency.   

How to pay for your Azimo transfer

With your recipient created, all that remains is to pay for your transfer. 

You can pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card. After you pay for your transfer, we’ll convert your money into the receiving currency at our market-leading exchange rates. 

How to complete your Azimo transfer

If everything looks good, tap or click ‘Send money’ and then relax while we take care of your transfer.

We’ll transfer the money to a partner where your recipient lives (usually a bank or cash pick-up provider), who makes the money available to your recipient.

For home delivery and cash-pick up, your recipient will need to provide a valid ID document when collecting the funds.

How does cash pick-up work with Azimo?

Cash pick-ups are transfers that your recipient can collect as physical cash from over 200,000 secure pick-up locations worldwide.

Azimo works with local partners that process all cash pick-up transfers on our behalf.

Simply choose ‘Cash pick-up’ as the delivery method and then choose the pick-up provider. Once your payment has been processed, both you and the recipient will receive an update with cash pick-up instructions.

How to track your Azimo transfer

As previously mentioned, when you hit ‘Send money’, it’s time for you to sit back and for us to get to work. In the meantime, we’ll update you on your transfer every step of the way. 

You can keep track of your transfer’s status by:

  • Receiving emails updates.
  • Enabling push notifications.
  • Logging into the Azimo app or website and checking your recent transfers .

Need more information? Read our guide on how to keep track of your Azimo transfer.

How much does Azimo cost? 

We charge just one transparent fee starting at as low as £0.99p.

We are able to offer such low-cost transfers because we are a digital provider. We don’t pay for expensive high street stores, and we pass the savings on to you.

One look at the Azimo price comparison page will show you that we’re up to 75% cheaper than other money transfer services like Ria and Western Union.

Download the Azimo app on iOS or Android and enjoy Azimo’s market-leading rates and low, transparent fee on international money transfers.