Help your loved ones in Nepal with £0/0€ fee transfers

All of us at Azimo are very upset to hear about the terrible earthquake in Nepal. We wanted to do our small bit to help – so we announce that as of today, transfers to Nepal will be free.

In the days following the earthquake, Azimo has seen a 30% increase in money transfers to Nepal. We have set up this free service to help anybody wishing to send funds directly to those affected by the tragedy.

With the death toll now standing at more than 3,000, and more than 6,500 injured, naturally many people are seeking ways in which they can get help to those on the ground. Several rescue teams and charities are working relentlessly to help those affected. But the situation is becoming more and more difficult, with many of those displaced taking shelter out in the open, in basic tents with little protection. Any way of getting vital funds to support those affected will be vastly appreciated.

As Michael Kent, Azimo’s CEO and Founder, says: “We know from the World Bank data that the total of direct remittances has an even higher impact on developing countries than the total of foreign aid. Direct remittances to the people of Nepal can, alongside support from charities and government bodies, be a vital lifeline for those whose lives have been devastated by the earthquake. We hope this service can help people get money to friends and relatives as quickly and easily as possible.”