Pix payment system

The Pix payment system

If you’re sending money to Brazil with Azimo, things just got better. That’s because you can now use the Pix payment system to send faster transfers, 24/7. Discover more about Pix, including how it works and why it’s great news for your money transfers to Brazil. 

What is Pix?

Pix is a payment system that offers a faster way of sending money to Brazilian bank accounts. Introduced by the Central Bank of Brazil in 2019, Pix lets you transfer money easily and at any time. With Azimo, you can now use your recipient’s Pix details to send money to Brazil directly to their account. 

All you need is your recipient’s Pix key. 

What is a Pix key?

Pix keys are pieces of personal information rather than physical objects. You can use a Pix key instead of bank details to transfer money to Brazilian bank accounts. In Portuguese, they’re called chaves pix.

Use any of the following: 

  • An email address. 
  • A mobile phone number. 
  • A CPF or CNPJ number
  • A randomly generated 32-digit code.

Your recipient can request a Pix key from their bank via their banking app, website or local branch. From there, they can link their Pix key to their Brazilian bank account. 

The benefits of Pix

The benefits of Pix

Bank deposits to Brazilian bank accounts were only processed during banking hours until now. Pix eliminates this problem by offering 24/7 transfers. That means evenings and weekends are no longer obstacles to transferring money to Brazil.

How does the Pix system work?

To pay for your Azimo transfer to Brazil with Pix:

  1. Select direct to bank as your delivery method. 
  2. Enter your recipient’s information, including their Pix key.
  3. Complete your transfer,

Isso é tudo (That’s all) – your money is on its way. 

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