Message your money! Azimo’s app makes transfers as simple as sending an SMS…

Sending money to your friends and family used to mean queueing up at a branch of Western Union to fill in a form that made War and Peace look like a Post-it note. It was slow, tedious and expensive. Then, in 2012, Azimo came along and changed all that. We fixed a broken system and brought money transfer online, with great rates and low, transparent fees.

Photo via Flickr

Now we’re changing everything again…

From today, Azimo users can send and request money using just a phone number. No more forms, no more IBANs, no more hassle – because we believe sending money should be as easy as sending an SMS. And it’s not just for making cross-border payments – it works for domestic payments too.

How does it work?

Our revolutionary service is so simple. Azimo users pick a contact from their phone book to send money to and enter the amount they want to send. The recipient then gets an SMS with a link to download the Azimo app, fill in their bank details and claim the money. From then on, the two users are connected via the Azimo network – which means all future transfers between them can go straight into the recipient’s bank account. It’s like WhatsApp, but with cold, hard cash.

Why did we build it?

Because human beings aren’t robots. We don’t memorise each other’s bank details – even those of our closest friends and family. But we do have each other’s mobile numbers at our fingertips – all conveniently stored in our phone’s contacts book. By taking bank details out of the sending process, we’ve made it easier than ever before to ping money around the world.

Equally, we know that people want to request money, whether it’s to settle up the bill from last night’s dinner or ask for some extra help from family abroad. Now Azimo allows senders and receivers to connect through a secure, intuitive app that empowers everyone – wherever they are.

For launch, you can send money from the UK and Eurozone countries, and you can request and receive money in Poland, USA, Canada, UK and Eurozone countries – and we’ll be rolling out the service across the globe during the coming months. If you haven’t got the app yet, download it for free from the App Store or Google Play and prepare to be amazed!