Azimo Transfer Reviews

Azimo money transfers review: The view from the outside

You know what they say about opinions. Everybody has one. And rightly so. 

When it comes to parting with hard-earned money, your voice (and opinion) matters. So if you’re looking for customer reviews for Azimo, you’ve come to the right place. Discover what real people and comparison websites say about Azimo in terms of speed, cost, safety, and much more.

Azimo reviews on Google Play 

Rating – 4.7/5 stars

Number of reviews – 22,800

Azimo has a great reputation on Google Play fuelled by reviews such as this one by Yorky:

“Works fantastic. Sending money to my fiancee in the Philippines from the UK has never been so easy. Well done to the app developers 10/10 ☆. Works flawlessly and effortlessly well!! 👍”

Or this one from Oda:

“I love this app! I’ve supported my family in Guatemala for many years and it always worked great. I think the fees are fair and it’s super fast. Also, I was able to send money to myself while in Guatemala and had lost my credit card…”

Azimo reviews on Trustpilot

Rating – 4.6/5 stars

Number of reviews – 53,759

On Trustpilot, Azimo is rated as “Excellent’ by 78 per cent of users. Another 14 per cent say our service is “Great”. Over 40,000 users give Azimo the full five-star rating.

Jacinta in Belgium says:

“I was introduced by a friend after being given an invitation code. I must say they have very competitive rates. I like it.”

Nuala agrees:

“Very easy and straightforward to use. Good exchange rate, low fee for the transaction and very speedy delivery of funds to their destination.”

Azimo reviews on The App Store

Rating – 4.7/5 stars

Number of reviews – 22,755

Azimo’s reviews on Apple’s premier marketplace, the App Store, are favourable. iPhone and iPad users particularly like the app’s simplicity. 

Ansar in London says: 

“One of my friends told me about the Azimo money transfer service and I’ve used it to send money to my family in Pakistan. It’s secure and very efficient. It takes one hour for transfers back home and is very easy to use. I’ll definitely use it again and recommend it to others.”

Mr Akpo has no complaints either: 

“I’d recommend this app for international bank transfers. Really great app for the quick transfer of small amounts, from your account directly to the beneficiary’s bank account. Good rates as well. Transfers usually within 10 minutes. The app stores account numbers if you need to send money to the same person again. All around fantastic. No complaints.”

Azimo reviews on

Rating – 9/10

Number of reviews – n/a works by comparing providers from around the world to help senders decide which one to use. They aim to help users answer questions such as, “what is the cheapest way to send money?’, “which is the fastest provider?”, etc. Their reviews focus on security, price, speed, and availability of the service. says about Azimo: 

“It’s a convenient and simple online money transfer service provider. It’s powered by a sleek website and intuitively designed mobile applications to give its customers the freedom to send to 200+ countries around the world. Its transfers are quick and low-cost especially when sending money to South Africa and Nigeria.” 

They go on to say that Azimo scores highly in terms of:

  • Fast and efficient transfer of funds.
  • Low transfer fees and great exchange rates.
  • Reliability and trustworthiness.

Azimo reviews on Monito

Rating – 8.5/10

Number of reviews – n/a

Unlike many other review sites that only aggregate customer feedback, Monito does the reviewing themselves based on four categories:

  • Trust & Credibility.
  • Service & Quality.
  • Fees & Exchange Rates.
  • Customer Satisfaction.

Monito is able to give such accurate reviews because their team of experts actually uses the services they rate. This process included opening an Azimo account, testing out features such as the ease of registration and speed of sending money. Below is a summary of what Monito says about Azimo:

“A top-notch money transfer specialist, we recommend Azimo particularly for transfers from Europe and for cash pick-up transfers worldwide”