6 things to know before making your first transfer with Azimo

With Azimo, you can send money in 60 currencies to over 195 countries around the world. You can also choose from multiple delivery methods like direct to bank, cash pick-up, mobile wallet and more.

Although making a transfer with us is easy, we still wanted to put together a few helpful tips for you when you’re starting out. These tips will tell you everything you need to know before making your first transfer, ensuring you have a smooth as possible experience!

Remember to double check the details

It might seem simple, but sometimes going back to double check that the entered details are correct can make a world of difference.

That’s why we always show you a screen with the summary of your transfer before you hit send. This way you can make sure that the spelling of your recipient’s name or their bank account number is correct.

Send money using your own card or bank account

When making a transfer, you can only pay for your transfer using your own card or from your own bank account.

For security reasons, the name on your Azimo account must match the name on your card or bank account too, or else we can’t verify that it’s actually you sending the money. Verifying your identity is one of the many ways that Azimo makes sure that your transfers are safe.

Use these credit or debit cards

Speaking of sending with a card, it’s also important to take note of what cards we accept.

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

At the moment we don’t accept prepaid cards, PayPal, American Express or corporate cards for your personal account. If you do have a corporate card and would like to set up a Business account with us, you can easily do so here.

Include the reference number with your bank transfer

If you’re sending money with a bank transfer, remember to include the reference number.

If it happens that you forget, or enter the wrong reference number, don’t worry. As long as the money was sent from an account in your name, we’ll still be able to locate it.

It just might take us a little longer, as we’ll have to search for it manually. As the fast delivery of your transfers is one of our top priorities, including the reference number will make sure that your transfer is processed quickly.

Make sure that your recipient’s bank can accept the sending currency

Sometimes receiving banks only accept certain currencies.

When sending money to your recipient, it always helps to double check with them what currencies their bank accepts. This way you’ll know ahead of time, and not have to deal with the possibility your transfer not going through.

You can only have one Azimo account

Last but not least, please don’t create duplicate accounts.

Due to security regulations, each person can only have one Azimo account. If you create multiple accounts, they may be deactivated. Also, if you’ve connected your Google+ or Facebook account, but use a nickname for those sites, please remember to use your real name on your Azimo account.

As a regulated financial institution, we are required by law to ask for Proof of ID at some point, which means that we may ask you to send us a picture of a document that verifies your identity. This is why it’s important to use your real name.


That’s it – you’re on your way! With these simple little reminders, you’ll be all set to successfully set up your first transfer. Now when you go to make your second and third transfer, it will be as easy as 1-2-3.