10 things to know before you make your first Azimo transfer

9 things to know before your first Azimo transfer

If you’ve just registered with Azimo, there are some useful tips that will help you get the most out of our service. Discover 9 things you need to know ahead of your first Azimo money transfer, including how much you can send and any documents that you may need to have to hand.

1. You can send up to £250,000 per transfer 

You can send as much as £250,000 in a single Azimo transfer when you pay by bank transfer. If you’re paying by debit or credit card, you can transfer up to £12,000. Some banks set their own limits, so you may need to ask your recipient to check before you make the transfer. 

2. You can convert and send money to over 60 currencies

You can send money from the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Australia. Pay in your local currency and we’ll convert the money into the currency of your choice before delivering it to your loved ones. Azimo exchanges money into over 60 currencies, including pound sterling (GBP), euros (EUR), US dollars (USD) and Nigerian naira (NGN).

That’s great news if your loved ones prefer one currency over another. Before making your first Azimo transfer, be sure to check that your recipient or their bank will accept your chosen currency. 

As our network continues to grow, we’re making it easier for your money to reach more locations across the globe. With Azimo, you can transfer money to 200+ countries and territories including Nigeria, Moldova and China. And when you send money to these destinations, benefit from instant or one-hour delivery times.

3. You can choose from multiple delivery options

We know that not everybody has a bank account, so we offer multiple delivery options. For example, if you’re sending money to the Philippines, we offer both cash pick-up and home delivery. Home delivery can be especially useful if you have vulnerable relatives or need to send money to remote areas of the country. Our other delivery options are:

4. You can only send money from your own payment card or bank account

When making your transfer, you can only pay using your own card or from your own bank account. For security reasons, the name on your Azimo account has to match that on your card or bank account. 

That way, we know that it’s you making the transfer. Verifying your identity is one of the many steps that Azimo takes to ensure that your transfers are safe and secure.

5. You can use these credit and debit cards

It’s good to know which cards Azimo accepts before setting up your first transfer. Currently, we accept payments by Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. At present, we don’t accept any prepaid cards, PayPal or American Express.

If you need to pay using a corporate debit or credit card, you’ll need to register for an Azimo Business account, our tailor-made service for sole traders, freelancers and businesses.

6. You should include the reference number with your bank transfer

If you’re sending money via bank transfer, remember to include the reference number with your payment. That way, we know which transfer you’re paying for.

If you forget or enter it incorrectly, that’s ok – we’ll still be able to locate your transfer. We may need a little longer to find it, but your transfer will be processed

7. Azimo offers customer support in 8 languages

To meet the needs of our customers, Azimo offers customer support in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Russian. When it comes to international money transfers, Azimo speaks your language.

8. Remember to double-check the details

It might seem like a chore but going back to check that the information you’ve entered is correct can make a world of difference.

That’s why we always show you a summary of your transfer before you hit the ‘Send money’ button. This way you can make sure that your recipient’s name, address or bank details are correct. 

Another top tip is to enter the name of your recipient as it appears on their identification. If your cousin Ben in Lagos has ‘Benjamin’ written his passport, use Benjamin on the transfer.

9. You can only have one Azimo account

For security reasons, you can only have one Azimo account. If you’ve registered with us via a Google or Facebook account, but use another name for those platforms, use your real name on your Azimo account.

As a regulated financial institution, we are required by law to ask for proof of identity in certain circumstances. That means that we may ask for a picture of a document that verifies your identity, i.e. confirms your real name. Note that if you own a company, you’re allowed to have separate Azimo and Azimo Business accounts.

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