Azimo Filipino Cookbook

The Azimo Filipino cookbook

Just one taste of Filipino cuisine is enough to make anyone a convert. From kare-kare oxtail stews to pancit palabok shrimp noodles, Filipino food is as tasty as it gets. 

That’s why we asked our Pinoy customers about their favourite dishes. In addition to flavours and aromas, we wanted to know what food evoked memories of home. From classic meals to modern dishes, discover more by clicking on the Azimo Filipino cookbook below.

Create your own Filipino dishes

If your mouth is already watering, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Azimo has put together this guide to Filipino food in London. Whether you need Filipino products to take home or fast food to take away, we’ve got you covered. Discover where to find Filipino restaurants, supermarkets and market stalls in the capital.  

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