Filipino food in London

Filipino food in London

Is there a Little Manila in London? Not yet. But if you look closely you’ll find Filipino food stalls, supermarkets and a Jollibee restaurant – all in one small area. Continue reading to discover where it is and the other areas you can buy Filipino food in the capital. 

The Filipino community in Earl’s Court

If you hadn’t guessed it already, London’s unofficial Little Manila is located in Earl’s Court. While the UK can’t boast as large a Pinoy community as Canada, small numbers of Filipinos started coming to London in the 1970s to fill roles as nannies and nurses. 

Nowadays, Filipino nurses are a vital part of the UK healthcare industry, with around 22,000 employed by the NHS. The reason why so many Filipinos settled in Earl’s Court at the time was due to the area’s excellent transport links and low housing costs. As more Pinoys established roots in the area, more Filipino establishments began to pop up.

Filipino restaurants in Earl’s Court

Offering everything from Pinoy classics like chicken adobo to modern dishes like hot dog spaghetti, these Filipino restaurants are a great reason to visit Earl’s Court: 

But don’t just take our word for it, take our actions too. Discover what happened when Azimo visited Jollibee’s London HQ. And if you’re after Filipino goods, Earl’s Court has its fill of Filipino convenience stores too. 

Filipino supermarkets in Earl’s Court

Filipino supermarkets in Earl’s Court

Whether you need your fix of Skyflakes, Banana Ketchup (yes, really) or some famous Philippine Red Horse Beer, Earl’s Court has the Filipino shops to cure your homesickness. All within touching distance you can find:

Filipino restaurants in London

London, like New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and other cosmopolitan cities, has some of the most diverse restaurants in the world. This includes an ever-growing Filipino food scene. From kare-kare oxtail stew to sinangag garlic fried rice, you can find these Filipino favourites and more at places like:

If you’re looking for a more intimate Pinoy experience, then why not try a supper club? Usually hosted in the home of the chef, a supperclub is an excellent way of understanding more about your meal and the people behind it.

In London, some of the most popular Filipino supper clubs are:

Want a Filipino cafe, clothes shop and ice cream parlour all rolled into one? London’s got one of those. For “dirty” ice cream concoctions try Mamasons in Camden, Shepherd’s Bush or in Chinatown. Get everything from cool merchandise to doughnuts and iced lattes to cheese ice creams. 

Filipino street food in London

The street food scene in London has exploded in the last decade. From market stalls to food trucks, you can now experience flavours from around the world without stepping into a restaurant. If you’re looking for Filipino street food, London has a growing list of vendors for all tastes. Namely:

Pinoy supermarkets in London

Outside of Earl’s Court, there are plenty of options for Pinoy products. Whether you what to find a slice of home or impress your Filipino friends, you can find great Filipino goods at:  

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