How to send large amounts of money

How to transfer large amounts of money overseas

Living overseas usually means sending money home regularly to loved ones. Occasionally, you might need to transfer large amounts to pay for significant expenses. A car, a property or even a wedding – sending a large amount of money to someone can be expensive and leave you feeling anxious. It doesn’t have to be. Continue reading to discover a cheaper, safer and faster way to send large sums of money overseas. 

Pay low fees combined with a great exchange rate

Low and zero-fee transfers can seem appealing. But they often warrant a second look. That’s because they sometimes mask unfavourable exchange rates. Poor exchange rates reduce the amount of money your loved ones receive.

With Azimo, you’ll get two fee-free transfers just for trying out the service. What’s more, you’ll get an exchange rate that’s comparable to the mid-market rate, i.e. the fair exchange rate. 

That’s two fee-free transfers plus an excellent exchange rate

You can send up to £250,000 per Azimo transfer when you pay by bank transfer. If you’re paying by debit or credit card, you can transfer up to £12,000. Some banks set their own limits, so you may need to ask your recipient to check before making the transfer.

After that, pay a single, low and transparent fee on all other transfers.

Whether you’re sending money to the USA or transferring funds to Bangladesh, find out how Azimo works by watching the video below:

Choose a secure money transfer provider

In addition to the best overall price for your large sum transfer, you’ll want it to be safe every step of the way. 

Azimo’s websites and mobile apps all use 3-D Secure technology systems such as MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa to ensure only valid payments are processed. Once you’ve approved your transfer, we use CyberSource, the world’s largest fraud-detection radar, to keep your transactions risk-free.

Want to know more? Read our guide on why your money is always secure with Azimo.

Find the fastest available delivery method 

If you need to transfer large sums of money internationally, you’ll want to do so quickly. However, we know that not everybody has a bank account. That’s why we offer multiple delivery options and speeds to our customers. 

If time is of the essence, be sure to go with a money transfer service that offers the fastest service. Azimo, for instance, offers instant or one-hour delivery to over 80 countries, including Colombia and the Philippines

Our delivery options include: