How to get Pakistani channels in the UK

How to get Pakistani channels in the UK

From news to sports and from entertainment to documentaries, find out how to get Urdu-language programmes in the UK. Discover how to watch Urdu TV shows and listen to radio programmes in the UK.

Urdu radio stations available in the UK

For some traditional qawwali or ghazal music or modern Punjabi or Urdu rap, tune into these UK-based Pakistani radio stations:

Additionally, advancements in technology mean that you don’t need to be in Pakistan to pick up radio frequencies from southeast Asia. Stations like Mast 103 FM are available online and broadcast the best sounds from Lahore to Karachi.

Urdu television stations in the UK

Urdu television stations in the UK

The Sky Group is the largest cable network in the UK. To simplify their growing roster of programming, they’ve grouped all channels for a particular language. Urdu’s dedicated number range is from 731 to 761, making it easier to find your favourite channels.

So whether you fancy watching dramas like Mora Piya or Zindagi Gulzar Hai or news shows such as Live with Dr. Shahid Masood, Sky has you covered. Below are some of the best Urdu-language channels available in the UK and where to find them.

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Pakistani newspapers in the UK

Although the circulation of many newspapers is decreasing, you can still find online versions. That includes some of Pakistan’s most loved UK-based newspapers, such as:  

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