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Best apps for living in the UK

Living in the UK can seem pretty hectic, costly and stressful at times, especially when you first arrive. Luckily, Azimo has put together a list of some of the best apps to help you adjust to life in the UK. From sending money home to finding somewhere to stay, continue reading to discover which apps you need in the UK and why.


If you’re craving some home comforts but don’t have the time to cook, Deliveroo is the app for you. Why? Because Deliveroo offers more than just traditional fast food. From Pakistani to Filipino via Hawaiian cuisine, this food delivery service brings the world’s best dishes straight to your door. 

Even better, switch to one of the app’s ‘Deliveroo Plus’ accounts and get free delivery on your orders. For £3.49 per month, you’ll get free delivery on orders over £25 or for £11.49 per month, receive free delivery on orders over £10. 

By upgrading your account, you can save up to £5 per order and get exclusive special offers from your favourite restaurants.     


One of the first things you’ll need when you move to the UK is a British phone number and the WhatsApp app. From sending free text messages to voice notes, WhatsApp is a great way of staying connected with your contacts in the UK and overseas for free.

For more intimate chats, WhatsApp also lets you video call other users anywhere in the world. Other benefits of the app include sending up to 100Mb of documents, such as PDFs and Slideshows. You can also download and sync the app for direct use in web browsers and desktop systems like Windows and macOS.


Video calling apps were already growing in popularity before the outbreak of the coronavirus. And Zoom is the perfect app for real-time video chats with multiple family members at a time we need to stay apart. 

A basic Zoom account is free to download, and you’ll get unlimited 40-minute video calls to use at any time. Have family spread across several continents? No problem. Simply email them an invite link to dial into the video call, and Zoom will connect you all.


Living in the UK often means you’re in a position to support loved ones back home financially. With so many options available, it can be hard to find the best way to send money abroad. Azimo is the faster, cheaper way to send money to over 80 countries and 60+ currencies overseas. 

Even better, get two fee-free transfers (the first at a special exchange rate) when you download the Azimo app on iOS or Android. Send cash gifts, emergency payments and everything in between, all from the palm of your hand – wherever you happen to be. 

Ready for faster, cheaper money transfers? Pay zero fees and get exceptional exchange rates on your first two money transfers.


The Uber app offers safe car journeys at much more affordable prices than traditional black cabs and taxi companies. And it couldn’t be any simpler to use. From the ease and comfort of your smartphone, book, track and pay for your trips all in one place. 

From journeys home to nights out with friends, Uber is the perfect way of getting on with your plans without the hassle of driving. For even more value, choose the ‘Uber pool’ car sharing option, which lets you save more on your fare.


Whether you’re a recently-arrived expat or visiting another UK city, figuring out bus and train schedules on the UK’s transport system can be complex. With the Citymapper app, all relevant information on major UK public transport networks is in one place. 

Although the app doesn’t currently operate all over the UK, the good news is that it covers ten cities, including London, Manchester, and Birmingham. 

Citymapper lets you plan your route using all transport modes, from walking and cycling to trams and carshares. You can also keep track of your personal account activity, including money saved and distances travelled.

Time Out

The UK is one of the most diverse hubs for entertainment in the world. Living here can open up a world full of the best in cinema, cuisine, music and more. With around-the-clock events, it can be overwhelming to keep on top of fun activities in the UK. 

Luckily, Time Out has over 50 years of compiling event listings. Originally a London-only magazine, today, Time Out’s reach now extends to most corners of the UK. From discovering the best Nigerian food spots to finding the best Chinese new year celebrations, Time Out is your go-to resource in the UK.


The UK can be notoriously expensive, especially if you’re new and don’t know how to find the best deals and bargains. Consequently, you should have an app that helps you save money on daily expenses. Frugl has been designed to help you make the most of the UK with the motto ‘Do more, spend less’. 

Downloading Frugl gives you daily listings of free or low-cost things to do across the country. From stand-up comedy nights, eating out to life drawing classes, this money-saving app gets you discounts of up to 74%. 

Download Frugl for free and never pay more than you have to again.


Finding a place to live in the UK can be time-consuming. If you’re juggling work or academic commitments as well, download SpareRoom to help you find the perfect accommodation. 

If you’re on the lookout for a houseshare, studio apartment, or flat in the UK, SpareRoom is one of the best apps to find available housing. You can search by location, budget and criteria such as all-inclusive rent, making it easier to filter through endless pages of listings. 

With SpareRoom, you can message the advert poster directly and arrange viewings when you find somewhere suitable. You can even join or organise ‘Speed Flatmating’ events so you can meet lots of potential flatmates in one go.


According to life insurance specialists LV=, UK workers change employer at least every five years on average. And if you’re looking for a new job, LinkedIn is one of the best professional networking apps on the market. 

With a free account, you can create a profile, upload your CV and portfolios, and connect to colleagues, networks and professionals in your industry.  

LinkedIn makes it easier for you to apply for new roles, receive messages from recruiters and post career achievements all in one app. If you’re in a rush, LinkedIn’s ‘one-click application’ feature lets you put your name in the hat in a few seconds. From driving work to graphic design roles, LinkedIn is the best place to find new jobs in the UK.


If you enjoy listening to podcasts, Luminary is a relatively new name in the market. 

Billed as the Netflix of podcasting, the Luminary app is the exclusive home to some of the world’s most popular shows. For £3.99 per month or £28.99 per year, enjoy podcasts by Trevor Noah, Russell Brand, Lena Dunham and more.

Even better, explore Luminary’s network of award-winning shows on a 7-day free trial before subscribing. Whether you’re out for a walk or relaxing at home, let Luminary provide you with the perfect soundtrack to your day. 

BBC iPlayer

Looking to integrate yourself into British culture while being entertained at the same time? Then use the power of the best TV app directly on your smartphone or tablet. 

BBC iPlayer is a streaming and catch-up service from the BBC that’s also available online. The app has a range of TV shows, from the latest BBC news and current affairs to live sports and children’s shows. 

What’s more, download box sets of new and classic programmes to watch offline in the park or on your daily commute.