Happy birthday to us!

Azimo is three years old.

And like most three year olds, we’ve grown pretty fast. But while we’re not going to bore you with our baby pictures we though you might be interested in how we got to be the healthy, thriving three-year-old that we are today – and most importantly why we were born in the first place.

It all started with an idea that we could make it drastically easier for people living abroad to connect with their families, friends and lives back home – without breaking the bank. For hard-working migrants living in Europe, we saw that sky-high transaction prices from high street transfer companies meant that less money was getting home to loved ones, which help fund education, pay for parent’s medication or invest in vital businesses for example.

That coupled with the incredible surge in mobile and social media use around the world (will be 6 billion smartphones in use by 2020), we saw an opportunity to challenge the traditional models, save people millions of dollars and ultimately change the world, one transaction at a time.

So, with three people, a laptop and a big vision – Azimo was born.