Goodbye 2015, hello 2016

Last year was one of the best years of our young Azimo life. It was filled with more highs than lows and we learned loads along the way. We started Azimo with the mission of making it drastically easier for people living abroad to connect with their families, friends and lives back home – without breaking the bank.

In three short years, we have saved our customers millions of dollars by challenging sky-high transaction prices from high street transfer companies and ensuring more of people’s hard-earned money made it home to loved ones.

That mission will never change, but the giant leaps forward we made in 2015 means that we’re primed to give you, our customers, an even better service in 2016.

Here’s some of our big wins of 2015:

1. Took on more parts of the world: expanded our services in Sierra Leone, Romania and Moldova, Nigeria and the Nordics.

2. Introduced mobile airtime top-up in over 100 countries, and helped millions gain access to mobile wallets in Kenya and Romania thanks to our integration with Vodafone’s M-Pesa.

3. We connected with thousands of people from different communities in London, Poland and Berlin. We supported everything from Africa Live to International Volleyball to Comedy Festivals to local Christmas Festivities. We love celebrating the diverse cultures of the world around us – it’s what makes this planet amazing, right?

4. Live Chat on our website: customers can now get a direct line to our customer service team in 8 different languages!

5. We turned three years old and have grown fast. We’ve doubled our staff count in the past year alone. This is how far we’ve come!

6. We raised $20 million dollars in funding, which is helping us deliver even better services and in more countries. Next stop Asia Pacific.

And finally, our generous customers have also pledged some of the money they’ve saved using our service to our chosen charity, ActionAid raising thousands of pounds for homeless children.

As we embark on another year, we keep this brilliant Ted Talk from Dilip Ratha close to our hearts, as it captures the essence of why we do, what we do, every day.

So, what’s coming in 2016? Well, there will be even more exciting new services, more countries you can send and receive money, and we’ll continue to find ways for people to connect with their families and friends around the world, faster and easier.

Stay tuned!