Father’s Day Celebrations Around the World

For many countries, Father’s Day falls on the 3rd Sunday in June where we shower our dads in loving messages and thoughtful gifts. But for others, it’s celebrated on different days in different ways entirely!

After taking a look at how the world celebrates its mothers, we now present to you different Father’s Day traditions around the globe.

No matter what day or how you celebrate it, it’s all about one thing – our wonderful dads.


Although it might not have huge variations from traditional Father’s Day activities, Romania is notable here as it was the last EU nation to have one! It was made legal just a few years back in 2010, mostly due to the efforts of a group called The Alliance Fighting Discrimination Against Fathers.


So it’s not technically a “Father’s Day”, but it’s still a day where you give homage to your father…and all important men in your life. Called Defender of the Fatherland Day, it commemorates the establishment of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War and is celebrated on 23rd February. It’s come to be a day where people celebrate not only the military, but all men. Parades are held throughout the country and women give men they are close to gifts.


There are massive parties full of gifts for Dads held around the country, as well as an annual 21K race known as the Carrera Dia del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan. For those brave and fit enough to run, it’s held on the 3rd Sunday of June.

Italy, Spain & Portugal

These three heavily Catholic countries’ Father’s Day coincides with the day of the Feast of St. Joseph. Falling on the 19th March every year, it happens to be right in the middle of Lent! Typically families will go to church if they are religious, and otherwise give Dad loving messages and gifts.


5th December is a special day for Thailand, as it’s not only Father’s Day but also the birthday of their former king, Bhumibol Adulyadje. A more recent tradition that came about due to one time he was seen wearing a pink blazer, is that some people wear the colour on the day. Another much older practice is that the beautiful Canna Lillies are given to fathers and grandfathers.


Known as Gokarna Aunsi, this Nepalese holiday is held during late summer. Fathers not only receive gifts, but are honoured by their sons touching their forehead to his feet while daughters touch their foreheads to his hands. People also go to the Gorkana Temple to pray for the fathers who have passed away.


Their Father’s called, called Vatertag, falls on the 40th day of Easter every year, known as Ascension Day. It’s a full of hiking and alcohol, where men go into the woods and pull large wagons full of beer and spirits. In more modern times, a lot of people now celebrate with something more along the lines of a pub-crawl.

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