Meet Dr. Edem, October’s Customer of the Month!

We truly appreciate our customers here at Azimo, so each month we share your stories. This month we got the chance to talk to Dr. Edem to hear about what sending money home means to him.

Long-time supporter of Azimo, Nigerian doctor Edem has been sending money back home while getting his degree. 

Tell us a bit about yourself Dr. Edem!

I am a Nigerian medical doctor, married and have a beautiful daughter. I presently live and work in the Gambia.

Where do you send money to?

Azimo came in handy when I was studying in Italy from mid 2015/2016. Using Azimo, I was able to pay for the delivery of my first child in August from Italy and although I missed being at the delivery, it did not cause financial hardship for my wife in Nigeria. Recently I have been able to seamlessly transfer my savings from my account in Italy to the Gambia!

How did you discover Azimo, and why did you choose to use us?

On arriving Italy for my Master degree in 2015, I had to find a way to support my family in Nigeria.  I had a terrible experience with one of the major money remittance services while sending subsistence allowance to my spouse. I read about other options online and came across Azimo- great reviews, exchange rates and transfer fees. Too good to be true, but I took a chance and I have never regretted it!

What do you like best about our service?

Reliability! I have never had to call back and follow up on a transaction. Email notifications are sent to me so I have peace of mind.

Would you recommend us?

I certainly would recommended Azimo , especially if one desires reliable services.

How much money do you think you have saved using Azimo?

Having transferred over 2000 euros, I believe I have saved over 300 euros in transaction fees.

A big thank you to Dr. Edem and to all of our customers!

We’re always committed to offering you the best exchange rates and low fees so that more of your money can go to where it matters most. Haven’t tried us yet? Head to the Azimo homepage and start saving while you send – your first transfer is fee-free!