Meet Customer of the Month, Dutch student Guido!

We truly appreciate our customers here at Azimo, so each month we share your stories. This month we wanted to shine light on students’ stories to hear what sending money means to them.

Meet August’s Customer of the Month, Dutch student Guido. Guido has been an amazing, long-time supporter of Azimo and is currently going to school in Rotterdam.

Tell us a bit about yourself Guido!

Well I’m Guido I’m 19 years old and living in the Netherlands in Rotterdam. I’m studying logistics. Right now I’m doing an internship at one of the biggest online retailers of the Netherlands, Coolblue.

Where do you send money to?

I always send money to Poland. I have an Polish girlfriend and sometimes I send her money for a surprise so she can buy nice stuff or go out.

As a student, what are the first things you look for when sending money?

As a student I’m looking at how much a transfer costs and how long it takes. Also I’m checking the minimum amount you can send.

How did you discover Azimo, and why did you choose to use us?

I wanted a safe way to send money to my girlfriend. At my own bank it cost 5 Euro extra plus 5% of the amount. So I really wanted a cheaper and faster way! I googled and later I found Azimo! To see if it works quickly, I  sent an amount of 10 Euro as a test. And it worked! Fast and safe.

What do you like best about our service?

That it’s fast. But also that I can trust Azimo in case something goes wrong.

Would you recommend us? Perhaps to other students – what features do you think we have that could be beneficial for students?

I already recommend Azimo to my friends! And about the features – the push notifications are very nice, so Azimo keeps me updated about my money.

How much money do you think you have saved using Azimo?

Well if my own bank cost too much for me, I saved a lot of money. I send big amounts to my girlfriend. I think probably around 50 Euro or more?

Have you used our app to transfer money yet? If so, what did you think of it?

Yes, I’m using the app. I really like it. It’s very useful, it keeps me updated where my money is and how long it takes before my girlfriend gets it.

A big thank you to Guido and to all of our customers!

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