Meet Francis Enyi, winner of the Win a Flight Home competition!

Back in December, we launched a competition to give one lucky winner the chance to fly home. To enter, people were asked to share their stories about the last time they were home for the holidays. We wanted to hear our customers’ stories to not only get to know them better, but to also take the time to bring awareness to the challenges overseas migrants face in helping improve their families’ lives back home.

Over 500 stories were shared across our Facebook. Migrants from all over the world, of all ages, entered and opened up about their last Christmas back home. Each story was moving and powerful. A real sense of community was built, as people started talking with each other about their alike circumstances.

To sum it up nicely, as wonderful customer Rachael Margaret said in her post,

“It’s not about winning the ticket. I wanted to also share my story to encourage others that may have a similar situation – you are not alone in this.”

We truly wish everyone could have one, however there could only be one grand prize winner. Congratulations to Francis Enyi!

Originally from Nigeria, Francis has been studying in Germany for the last few years. The last time that he and his family were together for Christmas was in 2010. He has a young son Jesse, and a little girl, Isabel, who he actually has never met yet.

Congratulations again Francis! When did you start using Azimo?

“Thank you! I started using Azimo’s services in 2015 and still use them to date!”

What do you like most about the service?

“Money is usually delivered fast, and I also like the fact that I can pay using several payment methods. The Azimo app is also super easy to use.”

What made you enter the competition?

“I entered the competition because Azimo already won my trust, so I figured why not enter – I believe my story is worth winning the competition.”

How did you feel when you found out you won?

“I’m so grateful to Azimo for giving me the opportunity to see my family once again and to see my daughter Isabel for the first time!”

We’re so excited for Francis to be reunited with his family, and especially for him to meet his daughter for the first time!

Another huge thank you to everyone who entered. Every story shared was a powerful reminder of how much overseas migrants do – not only their families back home, but for each other.

It also highlights the importance of Azimo’s mission for migrants – to provide faster, cheaper money transfers for all, so that more money is able to go to those who matter most.

A mission which we started in 2012 and will continue in 2018 and beyond – here’s to our customers and what this new year will bring!