How to beat homesickness during the holidays

Being away from family is never easy, and when the holiday season approaches, it can be even tougher.

Even though festivities are all around, it’s easy to still end up feeling a bit lonely and homesick. Here’s our best tips on how to keep up the holiday cheer and manage the feelings of nostalgia that can hit during the season.

Eat comfort foods from home

One of the best ways to help with nostalgia around the holidays is to have a go at making some of your family’s favourite recipes. Try cooking up a delicious dish that’s been passed on for generations in your family. You will feel a little bit closer to home by bringing the tastes and smells to life.

Write letters

In this age of technology, writing letters to family and loved ones for special occasions has become rare, and is usually a treat when people actually do receive them. Help keep your spirits up by writing beautiful letters to send to your family and friends. When you picture the smile on their face when the receive it, odds are you’ll end up feeling happier too!

Send a gift

Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them and missing them this holiday season with a little surprise. Send them over a gift or transfer them money so that they are able to pick up something nice for themselves. Plus, you’ll definitely feel a bit closer to home, knowing that you’ll put a smile on your loved one’s face.

See something new

Another way to beat the holiday blues is to get out of the house to help distract yourself. Go see someplace you’ve not seen before! Towns and cities always have such interesting histories – see if there’s some sort of landmark or special local spot that you’ve never discovered before.

Do something for others

When we give, we actually receive a whole lot more. This holiday season, why not beat the homesickness by helping out others? There are plenty of local charities and organisations that could use a hand during such a busy time. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, or maybe join an organisation where you can visit the elderly, who can often be alone during the holidays. You’ll feel great about helping, and others will too.