Meet Azimo’s Customer of the Month! Marketing specialist Ivana Veljovic

We love our customers so much and we wanted to highlight how brilliant they are in our new series!

Our Customer of the Month for April is Ivana. Originally from Serbia, she now lives and works in Spain…

Where do you send money to?

I transfer money regularly from Spain back home to Serbia.

What are the most important things to you when you transfer money home?

Speed, cost and safety. With Azimo, I know that my money’s secure, the fees are always really low and the transfer’s delivered to Serbia in as little as an hour.

Why did you first choose to use Azimo?

I had a problem sending money with PayPal and the costs were quite high, so I decided to give Azimo a try. The first transaction was fee-free and the money arrived so much quicker – I haven’t looked back since!

Have you used our app to transfer money yet?

Yes, I’ve just started using it and it’s great to be able to transfer money on the go.

What do you like best about our service?

Lots of things, really. I like the interface – it’s clean, simple and easy to understand. The fees are very reasonable and I can even earn extra money when I send via the Refer a Friend scheme. Finally, the customer support is really good and the team speak so many different languages – whenever I’ve contacted them they’ve been super helpful.

How did you hear about the Refer a Friend scheme?

A friend of mine first recommended Azimo to me, raving about the great rates, lightning-fast service and super-low transaction fees. But he forgot to mention the Refer a Friend scheme, so the extra €10 bonus I received when I made my first transfer was a real plus!

Who have you referred and why?

I was really happy with the service so I published my referral code on Twitter. Someone spotted the code, used it to send with Azimo and we both earned €10 – not a bad return!

What will you spend your commission on?

Nothing too exotic! I use Azimo’s transfer service to pay into my life insurance policy, so the commission will go there as well.

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