Azimo winter campaign

7 feel-good stories in 2020

Good news was often in short supply this year. That’s why we’ve collected seven feel-good stories from Azimo customers to cheer you up and start 2021 on a high. 

People send money home for lots of different reasons, but for most of our customers, it’s about improving somebody else’s life. From rebuilding houses to helping stray animals, the hard-working heroes below show us that 2020 wasn’t all bad.

1. “Finally, they have a roof over their heads” Fred

My wife’s parents’ fell on hard times when their house was badly damaged by a typhoon. That was years ago now but they’ve been making repairs ever since. The process, as you can imagine, is slow and expensive. 

Thanks to Azimo, my wife and I have been able to safely send money to the Philippines and help them rebuild. 

With the house almost finished, this Christmas will be the first in a while that they’ll wake up with a roof over their heads.

2. “He thinks of us almost as parents” – Elizabeth

Around 17 years ago, on a trip to Uganda, we adopted a young man in need of support following his father’s passing. Since then, we’ve done all we can to support Nickson from afar.

Nickson now works as a statistician for the Ugandan government, is happily married with two children, and is about to build his own house. 

We speak almost every day and, despite the distance, he thinks of us almost as parents.

Without Azimo, we wouldn’t have been able to support him in the same way. It has been a hugely positive experience in an otherwise difficult year.

3. “Giving hope to the hopeless” – Andrew

This year I’ve used Azimo to donate to a number of animal charities in Pakistan, Egypt and Ghana

Many of these animals have very little to eat and no hope in life. In my experience, just a small donation can make a huge difference. 

4. “Azimo saved my mother’s life” – Babatunde

Last month I was shocked to learn that my mother urgently needed money to pay for an operation. 

Thanks to Azimo, I sent the money to Nigeria in less than 10 minutes and paid for the treatment that ultimately saved her life.

5. “2020 has been a wild ride” – Andrea

When my partner and I set a wedding date for November 2020 we never in our wildest dreams imagined we’d be planning a wedding during a global pandemic.

As a long-distance couple, we couldn’t see each other for nine months. Worse, my partner had no income throughout this period. Thankfully I have a civil service job and through Azimo was able to support loved ones during this time.

After a wild ride of a year, we finally had our wedding in November. Thanks to Azimo for all your help.

6. “The charity is up and running again” – Isaac

A friend of mine runs a charity in Nigeria for homeless people living with sickle cell disease. Due to coronavirus, there is very limited space for these vulnerable individuals. 

It was crucial then that they used this year to build an emergency home to provide vital shelter and services. 

I’m proud to say that what little I sent to the Association of People Living With Sickle Cell Disorder helped in the renovation and eventual completion of the project. 

The charity, as of now, is up and running again thanks in part to Azimo.

7. “She’s thinking of starting her own shop” – Naomi

Back when I was 18, I taught English to people in Sri Lanka shortly after the tsunami of 2004. 

In all the years since I kept touch with one of my students and was happy to help when her family recently fell on hard times. 

With her parents not able to work, she found a job in a shop to help support her family. Unfortunately, she needed a deposit before she could start. 

Thanks to Azimo, it was easy to send her the £50 she needed. Now she’s been working for two months and even tells me she’s thinking of starting her own shop.