6 apps to help you save money

In a previous article we talked about how customer’s behaviour is changing as we move more and more towards a digital age.

With the rise of smartphones has also come the rise of apps. Apps can range from everything between super addicting games to platforms that help make your life easier than ever before, in a number of ways. There’s also quite a few apps out there that help you save money.

Whether it’s for food shopping, holiday planning or transferring money abroad, here are some of the best apps to help you save money with great rates and deals.


Mint is the all-in-one money manager app that helps you take control of everything budget related. You can pay bills, set up a budget, check your credit score so you always know the condition of your finances and more. Over time, the app also monitors your spending and breaks it down so you can understand your spending patterns. Created by the makers of “TurboTax” and “Quicken”, this app is full of information on how you can best save money and cut back on spending.

Available for iOS and Android


Hopper is a great app that helps you save money by finding the lowest airfare for your travels. Their team has created a price prediction feature that has collected data on trillions of flights. This helps them to figure out when the best time is for you both to fly and purchase your tickets. They recommend whether you should wait or book immediately. If they advise you to wait, on the basis that they predict the prices will drop soon, they will keep you updated using push notifications to make sure you can get the tickets when you need.

Available for iOS and Android


mySupermarket saves you a lot of money – and time – when it comes to your food shopping. Enter the shopping list in your app, and it will scan products and compare prices across different shops, in real time. It will help you find the best nearby shop to help save you money on your entire list, or even if you’re just looking for a single item. With their “savvy buys” feature, they alert you to products that have savings of at least 30% nearby. mySupermarket also learns your shopping habits, and finds vouchers that are best suited to you and your needs.

Available for iOS and Android


This app has become hugely popular, and our list wouldn’t be complete without it. It offers deals (from 50-90% off) on absolutely everything – from restaurants to clothes to furniture to hotel and holiday deals, you can find it on Groupon. You search by location to find the deals that are available near you. It’s great for trying out new places for less, or grabbing useful gifts for others – and yourself!

Available for iOS and Android


We started 5 years ago with a clear mission: to make money transfer cheaper, faster and fairer for all. Our digital infrastructure makes it possible to offer our customers great rates and lower fees that are up to 75% less than banks and more traditional money transfer agents. With our award-winning app, customers can easily send money to wherever they need, from wherever they are – all for a lower price.

Available for iOS and Android


A great app that helps you find last-minute hotel bookings, all within that week. Hotels share their unsold rooms for the week, so that the app can offer them for a better price. You can even find same day or next day spots. It’s perfect for spontaneous trips or if you have an unexpected layover. Plus, they have 24/7 customer service, so you can always drop them a line if you need any help with planning.

Available for iOS and Android