What is Canada Day?

This day is a very special day for our Canadian friends – it’s the 150th anniversary of the Constitution Act, when the nation was officially born.

On 1st July, 1867 the Constitution Act brought together the three provinces – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada – to create the nation that we now know and love today as Canada.

To help celebrate we’re going to take a look back at the interesting history of the holiday, along with some random facts about the country that we bet you didn’t know.

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The history

Though the official establishment of the nation was in 1867, it didn’t become a federal statutory holiday until 1879, and was first called “Dominion Day”.

It wasn’t that popular in the beginning, as a large percentage of people living there were British citizens and didn’t think of themselves as Canadians. It wasn’t until around 50 years later in 1917 that proper celebrations started happening around the country.

In fact, it was only renamed to Canada Day pretty recently, in 1982 by Parliament. This is also the year when Canada became completely independent of England.

Now on the 1st July every year, you can find everyone in the nation celebrating with the ringing of church bells, bonfires, fireworks, military displays and of course…plenty of food and beer.

Fun Canada facts

Speaking of beer, did you know that it’s the number one alcoholic drink in Canada? It makes up almost half of their total booze sales.
Check out more trivia below:

  • Their national symbol is the beaver
  • Canada is home to the longest coastline in the world, measuring in at 243,976km.
  • Love maple syrup? 77% of the world’s entire source is made in Quebec.
  • One of world’s weirdest drinks can be found here, which contains a mummified human toe
  • The size of Canada is so vast, that it stretches across six time zones!
  • There are more lakes in Canada alone than all other countries combined.
  • An average of 1.2m litres of beer is drunk in Canada for their holiday weekend.
  • The largest Canada Day celebration in the world besides the nation itself is in Sydney, Australia.