Wo finde ich einen Freiberufler?

Where to find a freelancer overseas

With remote work more popular than ever, finding overseas freelancers can be the key to success for your business. With freelancers scattered across the globe, it’s sometimes more cost-effective to outsource projects to those based abroad. But what’s the best way to find the right one? Keep reading to discover how to find international freelancers for your company. 

Use a freelancer platform

If you need a freelancer, platforms like Fiverr, Worksome and Upwork are some of the leading names in this field. Companies like these help you discover, collaborate with, and pay the best talent for their work. 

While this may seem like a convenient way to outsource and manage tasks for your organisation, it might not be very cost-effective. That’s because these platforms often charge the freelancer up to 15-20% of their fee. High charges like these often leave the freelancer with no other option than to overquote your business for the work. 

Join a freelancer community

As well as freelance platforms, you can also find contractors by joining a freelancer community. These groups provide an excellent opportunity for you to network directly with a pool of freelancers with your business in mind. 

From Reddit to Facebook, there are online freelance communities where you can view or join discussions on topics such as day rates, remote working and hot-desking. 

For a more comprehensive selection of freelancers, try joining and staying active on as many freelancer communities as possible.  

Find a freelancer on LinkedIn

Like the saying goes “it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” And sometimes it pays to look to your social network if you need a freelancer. LinkedIn is one of the best social networks on the market as its primary function is to connect working professionals. 

Even if you’re not connected to the right candidate, a simple search and invite can put the best freelancers right in front of your eyes. 

You can also post to your existing network asking for recommendations. You’ll be surprised how effective a “Does anyone know a talented freelance coder?” post can be on a platform like Facebook. In fact, the post below helped our money transfer service, Azimo, to find a new copywriter via the #copywritersunite community on Twitter:

Your next copywriting job has a little bit of everything

Another benefit of LinkedIn is you can check background information about potential freelancers, including examples of their work, endorsements from past employers, and their range of additional skills. 

Find a freelancer on Google

Whether you use Google, Yahoo, Bing or even Baidu in China, a search engine is a great place to find a freelancer. Many people looking for freelance work have their own .com domains. 

For example, Rasmus, a graphic designer based in Estonia, could have a website that showcases his work and includes, i.e. its optimised for, popular search terms like:

  • “Freelance graphic designer Estonia.”
  • “Low-cost visual composer Estonia.”
  • “English-speaking remote graphic designer Estonia.”

By searching for the right keywords on a search engine, you can refine your search for the ideal freelancer.  

Post a job listing on industry-specific websites

For a deeper dive into the skillset you’re looking for, try posting an advert on an industry-related website. Websites like these are usually free to use, vetted for quality and are visited more frequently by freelancers actively seeking work. 

Platforms like If You Could are a treasure trove for finding freelance professionals such as product designers. While if you’re looking for content writers, posting a role on the Sian Meades newsletter is great for getting you closer to the right candidates. 

Many small-to-medium-sized online businesses use WordPress (WP) to host their websites. If you need a developer or designer who is WP-savvy, posting your job on a forum like WP Hired can help filter the noise and get you closer to the perfect freelancer.  

Fun fact: WordPress domains account for about 20 per cent of all websites in the world.

Find a freelancer on Gumtree

Popular free classified ad websites like Gumtree (UK, Poland, Germany, Italy and the United States) are usually overlooked when looking for skilled professionals. That’s because platforms like these are best known for adverts for things like used ironing boards, nannies and secondhand cars. 

However, many photographers, animators and the like, advertise their services on Gumtree as a way to sidestep costly paid-for freelance platforms like Fiverr. Other popular alternatives are Craigslist (available in the US and 70+ countries) and Le Bon Coin in France

Make a direct approach

Whether you’ve seen an incredible piece of animation or some brilliantly worded copy, you could approach the person or people behind it. Even if the creator isn’t looking for freelance roles, they may be able to point you in the right direction. After all, talented people usually know other gifted professionals in their industry.

Of course, the best-case scenario is that they say yes. Either way, keep an eye out for examples of work you like. Having these examples to hand will help you create a clear brief for your freelancer.

How to pay freelancers and contractors

Once you’ve found your freelancer, you’ll need a cost-effective way of making payments. There are several innovative banks and money transfer providers on the market, such as PayPal and Natwest. However, a lot of these services are expensive to use and provide a ‘one size fits all’ service to both personal and business customers. 

Azimo Business offers dedicated business accounts to everyone from sole traders and start-ups to multinational corporations. You pay a single, low fee and get some of the best exchange rates on the market.

The table below shows the savings you can make on international business payments versus popular banks and PayPal:

Cost per transaction to  Azimo BusinessHSBCNatwestPaypal
Germany              £9£27£47£70
India               £5£46£48n/a
Poland              £5£34£45£67
Pakistan              £6£51n/an/a
United States              £4£43£48£68

Pay your freelancers with Azimo by transferring money to 200+ countries and territories, including China and Poland. And benefit from instant or one-hour delivery to over 80 countries. Plus, you can convert and send money to over 60 currencies, including Swiss francs and Nigerian naira.

Top tip: If you’re planning on paying your freelancer by bank transfer, research how long it may take to complete beforehand. You may need to adjust your payment date or method if it doesn’t suit both parties.

Freelancer checklist

Regardless of how you find your freelancer, it’s a good idea to have a way of covering your every step. Use the checklist below to make sure your freelancer hiring process goes as smoothly as possible: 

🗸 Ask the freelancer for additional work samples.

🗸 Look for references and testimonials from previous clients. 

🗸 Agree on the nature and length of the project, including time for drafts and revisions.

🗸 Negotiate a fee including the currency you’ll pay them in and the payment method.

🗸 Decide how and when they will invoice you.

🗸 Approve and pay for the work.

Azimo Business is the faster, cheaper, safer way to make business payments overseas. Download the Azimo app on iOS or Android and start sending money to suppliers and freelancers around the world.