8 Dinge, die Sie vor Ihrer ersten Azimo Business-Überweisung wissen sollten

7 things to know before making your first transfer with Azimo Business

Setting up an Azimo Business account takes only a few minutes. To make sure your business payments go smoothly, here’s a list of things you should know before making your first transfer.  

1. You can send up to £250,000 per transfer 

When you send business transfers with us via SWIFT, the maximum amount per transfer is £250,000. If you’re paying by debit or credit card, you can transfer up to £12,000. 

2. You can convert and send money to over 60 currencies

In addition to Pounds, Dollars, euros and yuan, you can send money to other major denominations such as Polish zloty and Swiss francs. Before making your first Azimo Business transfer, be sure to check that your recipient or their bank will accept your chosen currency. 

3. You can send business payments to 195 countries.

And Azimo Business is continuing to expand its service across the globe. Currently, as an Azimo Business customer, you can transfer money to 195 countries and territories including China, Nigeria and Poland

4. Azimo Business offers customer support in 8 languages

To meet the needs of our business customers, Azimo Business offers customer support in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Russian. When it comes to business transfers, Azimo Business speaks your language.

5. Azimo Business customers get a dedicated account manager

As well as a team of customer service agents, your free account comes with a dedicated manager to answer all of your queries. This can be especially helpful if you’re sending large amounts of money and would prefer someone to guide you through making your transfer.    

6. You can use these credit and debit cards

It’s also important to take note of what cards Azimo Business accepts before setting up your first transfer. Currently, we accept payments by Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. We don’t currently accept any prepaid cards, PayPal and American Express.

7. Have these documents to hand 

Before you send your first business transfer, it’s a good idea to have proof of your company’s registration to hand. This proves that you are a legitimate business, and helps us to protect you from fraud. We may also ask for proof of ID for the same reason.

Azimo Business is the faster, cheaper, safer way to make business payments overseas. Download the Azimo app on iOS or Android and start sending cash to suppliers and contractors around the world.