Why only Black Friday?

This week we’re running a brilliant Black Friday promotion. We’re launching a FEE-FREE WEEKEND* ON ALL TRANSACTIONS FROM THE UK. So if you’re thinking about sending money, now’s a great time to do it.

But that aside, we’re in two minds about Black Friday as an event. It started in the US and is the day after Thanksgiving when the shops are full of price cuts. It was seen as a way of tempting people back into the shops after the holidays.

But these days, don’t bargains turn up at pretty regular intervals anyway? And don’t we tend to get them from the always on, always available, internet? So we’re not sure if we need a special day that’s all about shopping and bargains.

That’s why we at Azimo, in our tradition of doing things differently, have decided to gently subvert the idea of Black Friday. So we’ve given the other days of the week colours, and leave it up to you to decide what they could be about.

Light Grey Saturday

Scarlet Sunday

Maroon Monday

Turquoise Tuesday

Beige Wednesday

Purple Thursday

Let us know what you think.

Team Azimo

*Excludes SWIFT and credit card fees. Offer ends 11pm (GMT) Sunday.