Working at Azimo

Why we love working at Azimo

5 years ago, Azimo was created with a clear mission in mind: to make money transfers fairer for all. With banks and other traditional money transfer companies charging up to 75% more, Azimo was founded to make sure that more of your money goes towards what matters most – your family and loved ones.

Today, thanks to having built the largest digital-only money transfer network, you can send money to more than 195 countries and receive the best rates and lowest fees possible. We’re proud to use the most innovative technology to bring you faster, safer money transfers.

We’re also proud at how far our passion has driven us. From just 8 people working in a small room in London, Azimo is now made up of more than 100 people, across two offices. Krakow has become our second home, and our team is not just a team – we’re a family.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve asked some of our Azimo team what they love most about working here. Because what’s Valentine’s Day without a little bit of love?

Joanna - working at Azimo     Joanna – Customer Care Specialist

I’ve worked at Azimo for over a year as a Customer Care Specialist – I help answer all sorts of questions on chats and emails.

Since I started it was love at first sight. The job itself is amazing as I enjoy working with customers, but most of all I love that Azimo is exactly like the people that work here: open, friendly and caring.
Azimo sees the value in people – acknowledging their strengths and helping them grow.

Everyone is able to participate in various projects, and no one is limited to one role. Whatever we do, it feels great to know that we’re having a big impact and making customers feel well taken care of.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?

Simple – surrounded by people I care about!

Hania - working at Azimo     Hania – Financial Data Scientist

I love Azimo for so many reasons – but a large part of it is because of people I work with.

My job is like solving specific puzzles. I get to work with almost everyone in the company, trying to translate what they need into the language of a database.

Every day is a new challenge, it’s easy to love! It’s amazing to be able to come into a workplace where everyone supports each other and works together to create such an innovative product, which helps the lives of thousands. It’s a great feeling.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?

Same as my every “ideal” day – just being able to relax and have absolutely nothing to do – which we all need from time to time!

Hayley - working at Azimo     Hayley – Product Manager

I’m Hayley, the mobile product manager here at Azimo! I work with awesome product designers and mobile engineers to improve the app for the hundreds of thousands of people who send money with Azimo every month.

I love Azimo’s cultural balance between process and personality. You can really be yourself here and make an impact. Our fast paced growth, increasingly sophisticated development, and open-minded team make this a career defining place to work.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?

It would probably involve my fiance surprising me with a trip to the Caribbean, filling our hotel room with puppies. Or just give me a Terry’s chocolate orange, whichever.

Mirosław - working at Azimo     Mirosław – Head of Mobile Development

I love Azimo for giving me a chance to use my technical skills and experience to make the world a better place.

Working in mobile development, I build Azimo mobile solutions which involves drive R&D processes and internal process automations. This basically means that I create technology to help support our company, making everyone’s lives easier.

Thanks to the culture and openness of Azimo, the only real limit for challenges is my imagination. I work with a great team and make real use of technology I love, in particular mobile, automations and AI.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?

It’s satisfying the curiosity about the world with my wonderful wife. Travelling or discovering new places, enjoying the beauties of the world and taking photos. Actually this is how we’re going to spend today!

Radek - working at Azimo     Radek – DevOps Engineer

So Azimo is like your sibling. You spend your time together and have fun together. You take care of each other and you love each other no matter what. You trust each other and you may argue from time to time, but there are no barriers that cannot be overcome. You can’t remember the exact time when you started to love each other, but this love is pure and unconditional.

What do we do at Azimo? We respect each other, we listen to each other, we protect the world from evil, we produce rainbow and look after the unicorns.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?

To quote Ron Swanson, “I’m a simple man – dinner and Netflix.”

Marzena - working at Azimo     Marzena – Junior Product Content Manager

I love the fact that I work in a company where I can combine my interest in languages with technology, as Azimo is really innovative in its field.

I’m able to work with all the teams, making the content on the website and on the app as best as possible! Currently we’re creating a new version of FAQs to make our customer’s life easier, and I’m extremely glad that I can work with so many talented and really customer-oriented people.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?

I would love to have a dinner and movie with all of my friends, and maybe take a trip somewhere, out of the city!

Dora - working at Azimo     Dora – Chief Commercial Officer

I love that Azimo gives me the opportunity to impact people’s lives every day in a positive way. I also love that I’ve been able to be part of the company’s journey of growth – I started working here years ago, when we were just 8 people in a small room. Now we have grown to two offices with more than 100 people.

I am excited to continue taking our business around the world. Azimo is a special place because of the people that work here. For most of us, it is a big part of our lives and we love coming to work (almost) every day.

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?

I don’t think much of the holiday! I strongly believe that I should show love and appreciation to my partner every day, not just on one specific day.