Azimo attends Africa Live

If you were in London last weekend, you might have seen Azimo at Africa Live!

Africa Live Festival was part of Southwark’s ‘The Elephant and the Nun’ festival, celebrating the area’s huge diversity by showcasing the cultures of many nationalities. At the event we met more than 1,500 members of the African and Caribbean communities. Those who visited our marquee area were able to enjoy sweets, authentic hair braiding, and WiFi.

Because we provided free internet access at the event, it’s no surprise that many attendees chose to download our smartphone app and send money there and then. Africa and the Caribbean collectively see over $40billion worth of remittance a year globally, while in the UK Nigerians alone are amongst the most generous sending some $4billion back home.

The Africa Live Festival is yet another testament to London’s huge international diversity and something we take great pride in celebrating every chance we get.

Til next time Africa Live!

Team Azimo