Send money overseas with Trustly

Pay for money transfers with Trustly

Trustly is a simple and safe way to instantly pay for goods and services online. The good news for Azimo customers is that you can now use Trustly* to pay for your transfers if you’re sending money from: 

Instead of entering your bank details each time, Trustly lets you pay instantly with online banking. Even better, there are no additional fees, sign-ups or downloads required. 

How does Trustly work?

Paying online usually involves several time-consuming payment and security steps. Well, those days are over. You can skip these steps and pay just as securely with Trustly. 

To use Trustly, set up a transfer as usual, then:

  1. Select Trustly as your payment method
  2. We’ll securely redirect you to Trustly to select your bank
  3. Log in to your online bank and select the account
  4. Confirm the payment directly from your online banking account

That’s it. Your money is on its way, all thanks to open banking.   

What is open banking?

It’s a system that financial companies use to share information. Using ‘Application Programming Interfaces’ (or APIs), open banking allows your bank to send your details to providers like Azimo. 

“But what is an API?”

APIs are how things like smartphones and laptops share information with each other. They’re the reason you can download a podcast on your computer and listen to it on your tablet.

Imagine you’re in an office in London and you need John in Manchester to sign a document. You hire a courier to ride to John’s house, get the signature and come back. In this scenario, your office is a computer, John’s house is a tablet and the courier is the API. 

With open banking, couriers share information with your providers. That’s everything from energy suppliers and car insurers to internet companies and more. 

But rest assured, open banking APIs are completely secure and only share information with your permission. In fact, Trustly uses the same online security as leading banks and financial companies.

Using open banking also gives you a clearer picture of your finances. For example, if you need a mortgage, open banking uses your actual financial history rather than estimates.

Want to know more about Trustly? Sure thing. Head to our Trustly FAQs page and get the answers to your queries. 

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