Our survey results are in: Azimo transfers via SMS are just what you’ve been waiting for!

Sending money home used to be filled with frustration: queue up at a high-street branch to fill in a form, pay ridiculously high fees and then wait ages for the money to be delivered. Basically, it was slow, tedious and expensive. But then, in 2012, Azimo changed all that. We brought money transfer online, introduced great rates and super-low fees, and focused on making the process as simple, cheap and safe as possible.

Job done? Not quite. We’re always looking for new ways to make sending money simpler and our latest app release has got rid of yet another huge frustration for senders: now you can send money via Azimo with just a phone number. That’s right – no more IBANs and no more account numbers!

And the results of our latest survey show it’s exactly what Europeans have been waiting for. Nearly half of all senders hate having to ask for bank account details over and over again to transfer money, but until now two-thirds of them still had to – because, let’s face it, who can remember someone else’s bank account number? Or their own, for that matter – 42% admitted to not even knowing their own bank details off by heart.

And finding out someone’s bank info isn’t always straightforward either – 53% of those surveyed said they don’t have easy access to a friend or family member’s bank details. But while we don’t memorise the account numbers of our closest friends and family, 85% of us do have their mobile numbers at our fingertips – all conveniently stored in our phone’s contacts book.

Want to send money to your mum back home? Just pick them from your phone book contacts, enter the amount you want to transfer and click ‘send’. They’ll get an SMS with a link to download the Azimo app and claim their money. Even better, it works for domestic payments too. Need to split a dinner bill with mates or lend your son some money at Uni? You can now do all this and more!

Michael Kent, Co-Founder and CEO of Azimo, says: “We’re focused on making transferring money as easy as switching on your TV, a seamless part of everyday life. This new data shows the need for technology to continue to change the world of finance for the better to meet the growing needs of consumers.”

For launch, you can send money from the UK and Eurozone countries, and you can request and receive money in Poland, USA, Canada, UK and Eurozone countries – and we’ll be rolling out the service across the globe during the coming months. And, of course, our existing market-leading platform means you can still transfer money to more than 190 countries with just a few clicks.

If you haven’t got the awesome, new-look Azimo app yet, download it for free from the App Store or Google Play and enjoy the future of money transfer today!