Introducing mobile airtime top-up to over 100 countries

We’ve teamed up with TransferTo to make it simple to send airtime to pre-paid mobile phones almost anywhere in the world, instantly – all you need is the recipient’s phone number. We’ve even taken it a step further and once you’ve made one top-up you can do it again, whenever you want, in seconds.

With 4.5 billion mobile users worldwide and 400 different mobile operators through TransferTo’s network – our reach for mobile top-up is now truly global. Those numbers aside, what’s just as important is how much mobile top-up can help people every day. For instance, imagine the difference it could make to parents with children studying overseas? Or for someone working far from home who wants to know his family are safe and well?

Our CEO, Michael Kent, explains why we’re bringing this service to market:

“It’s all about giving our customers the widest possible choice in supporting their loved ones wherever they are. Today we deliver to over 200,000 cash pay-out locations and to any bank account or mobile wallet globally. With TransferTo’s network of global mobile operators, we’re now able to offer pre-paid airtime at a time when people are more likely to have a mobile phone than a bank account”.

You can use our new service to send mobile top-ups to 180 countries including Nigeria, Turkey, Brazil, Romania, Bangladesh, Philippines, Poland and Russia to name a few.

Visit our Send Money To section on the website or download our mobile app from the Apple and Google Play app store to take advantage of our new, instant mobile airtime service.