what is abono automatico

What is Abono Automático?

Abono Automático (or automatic deposit) is a legal requirement that Bancolombia customers have to enable before receiving Colombian pesos (COP) from overseas. After that, you can deposit COP directly into their account – no queues and no waiting around. 

How Abono Automático works

Before recipients in Colombia can enable Abono Automático, they have to complete a consent form. They can then enable, i.e, turn on Abono Automático for new transfers on the Bancolombia app or website in three steps: 

  1. Click or tap onTransferencias’ (Transfers) then Internacionales’ (International) followed by Recibir’ (Receive) and finally Activar Abono Automático’ (Activate Abono Automático).
  2. Select either a current or savings account
  3. Choose a reason for the transfer from the menu. 

That’s it. You can now send money to Colombia.

What are the benefits of Abono Automático?

By using Abono Automático, your recipient gives Bancolombia a heads-up about a transfer. That way, they can spot and approve genuine transfers smoothly, without any delays. 

Need more information on Abono Automático? No problem. Head to our Colombia FAQ page for answers to your questions.