Nigeria dollar deposit

Direct to bank dollar transfers delivered within 30 minutes

It’s safe to say that sending money to Nigeria has been a challenge lately. That’s why we’ve built a faster, easier way to send US dollars to your loved ones. 

From today, you can send a direct to bank transfer with Azimo and your money will be delivered in less than 30 minutes. Alternatively, cash pick-up transfers are ready for collection within minutes.

How to send USD to a Nigerian bank account 

You can send dollars to a Nigerian bank if your recipient has an account with:

  • First City Monument Bank (FCMB).
  • Fidelity. 
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA).

To send money to Nigeria, head to the Azimo website or app to:

  1. Enter the amount you want to send to your recipient. The amount will be automatically converted into USD.
  2. Select ‘Direct to bank’ as your delivery method and choose a bank from the menu. 
  3. Pay for your transfer and tap ‘Send money’.

That’s it! Your recipient will receive US dollars within 30 minutes

How to send USD for cash pick-up in Nigeria 

How to send USD to a Nigerian bank account

You can send dollars for cash pick-up at any branch of:

  • FCMB.
  • Fidelity.
  • GT Bank.
  • Polaris.
  • Zenith Bank.

On the Azimo app or website:

  1. Enter the amount you want to send to your recipient. 
  2. Select ‘Cash pick-up’ as your delivery method and choose a bank from the menu.
  3. Pay for your transfer and tap ‘Send money.

That’s it! Your transfer will be available for collection within minutes. Your recipient can then exchange their USD for naira locally.

*Payments will only be processed on business days, during UK business hours.

When can I send money to Nigeria in naira?

As soon as naira transfers are available we’ll update our website and app. If you’re an Azimo customer, we’ll be in touch. In the meantime, you can read our guides to Nigeria dollar cash pick-up and direct to bank delivery. 

While you can’t send naira to Nigeria, you can give your loved ones a naira bonus with the Naira 4 Dollar scheme. For every US dollar (USD) you send to Nigeria, your recipient will receive a five naira (NGN) bonus. 

They may need to mention the ‘Naira 4 Dollar’ scheme at the collection point. It’s their choice whether they want the bonus in cash or deposited directly into their bank account.

Register with Azimo today, and you’ll get your first two transfers fee-free (five for Azimo Business customers). Download the Azimo app on iOS or Android and enjoy Azimo’s market-leading rates and low, transparent fee on international money transfers.