Travel safe

8 ways to keep yourself safe when travelling

Travelling is the best. Learning all about a different culture, meeting new people, taking in all sorts of sights, sounds, tastes – there’s nothing quite like it.

We are going to sound like your mum here, but when you’re visiting foreign countries, it’s best to make sure you follow certain safety precautions. We know you don’t want to think about all the things that could go wrong on your trip, but the reality is, these things can happen!

You’ll be able to enjoy your adventure more if you feel more secure, so pack up and get ready with Azimo’s top tips to keep yourself safe while travelling.

Before you go

Electronically back-up all documentation

Digitally scan and make copies of your important documents and email them to yourself. This way your medical records, passports, plane tickets or visas can all be easily accessed from your phone or a computer in case they are lost or stolen!

Get the correct vaccinations needed

Each travel destination will have different required vaccinations, so look up which specific ones you will need. Give yourself plenty of time though – some medications need to be taken way in advance so that they work during your trip.

Learn all about your destination

Google it! Find out which areas are safe and which ones aren’t. Discover more about local customs and why not also try and learn the language? We don’t mean for you to become fluent in just a few weeks (if you can do that – you rock), but understanding a few basics can really help you get on.

Invest in travel insurance

Sometimes, in order to save money, you have to spend money. Travel insurance is a perfect example of that. There’s many different types available – sites like World Nomads are great for understanding what might work best for you, or you can ask your current insurance what deals they can offer for travelling.

When you’re there

Don’t carry lots of money on you

When you’re travelling, it’s best to not carry large amounts of cash on you. Actually, it’s probably best not to carry large amounts of cash in general (extra life hack for you!).

Instead simply send money to yourself with Azimo’s easy to use cash-pick up service. With over 270,000 pick-up locations worldwide in over 190 countries, all you have to do is transfer funds to yourself while abroad and collect it at whichever spot is easiest for you. This way you can take out only what you need and not have a lot on you.

Be wary of strangers

Don’t get us wrong – one of the best things about travelling is getting to meet new people! Just don’t trust strangers too quickly with personal information (ever seen Taken?!), and don’t go somewhere with someone you’ve just met that’s away from public areas. Above all, trust your instincts! If someone or something feels wrong, it probably is.

Limit your drinking

By all means, get to know the nightlife and enjoy it with some drinks, but remember to take it easy! Oh, and please make sure to watch your drink. Always keep an eye on it to ensure that no one tries to slip anything in it.

Enjoy the nightlife, and remember the nightlife.

Don’t play the hero

If you are unfortunately the victim of a robbery, don’t try and fight off your assailant. As much as it might be frustrating, giving up your cash, credit cards, or identification is a lot better than the alternative. Resistance can lead to more violence, injury or death. Once you’re out of danger, report the incident to the appropriate authority.

With these tips, you’ll have a much safer trip, and it will make us (and your mum) feel a lot better. Be safe, but don’t be scared. After all, you’re on an adventure – make it unforgettable.