5 ways consumer behaviour is changing

We live in a highly digital age. New technologies come out every single day that are aimed at making consumers more accustomed to super ease and convenience.

Think about how much we use digital tools in our daily lives. To listen to music, keep in contact with our families and friends, buy food, send money…and so much more!

Hi-tech gear has and will continue to change consumer behaviour. We take a look at the top ways that consumer’s actions have transformed over the more recent years, seeing how new tech has shaped our daily lives.

Streaming music vs. physical CDs

For a long time now, sales of physical albums have been on a steady decline. Just this year, streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music finally overtook CD sales to become the biggest income generator in the music industry.

Can you remember the last time you went out to a store and bought a CD, or used a CD player? Now, with so many people using smartphones, storing thousands and thousands of songs to listen to on-the-go has become, well…the way to go.

Streaming movies & TV vs. video rental stores

Thanks to streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, traditional TV watching is becoming a thing of the past. These on-demand services have seen a steady rise, while the more classic TV viewing is decreasing.

It’s what films and shows you want, when you want it. It’s hard to beat the now-old school format of renting a VHS or DVD and making sure to return it on time a few days later! Plus, let’s be real, those due dates were often forgotten.

Sending money online vs. traditional money transfer shop

Transferring money between bank accounts used to not only take ages, but require all sorts of information that you might scratch your head at – like IBAN or Swift Codes. Who wants to deal with that?

But now, transferring funds online has gotten quicker and easier than ever! With Azimo we guarantee next day delivery and save you money with some of the best rates you can find. No more waiting around in banks on long queues – send your money securely with just the simple tap of an app.

Online retail stores vs. physical retail outlets

There have been a lot of companies lately that have had to scale back on how many actual retail shops they have around the world. Why? Online commerce, of course!

With the ease of buying whatever you need – whether it’s food, clothes or gadgets – and having it sent to you ASAP, it’s hard to justify going into a store and waiting on lines for ages. Plus, most companies offer free returns, so it’s as easy as ever.

E-readers vs. physical books

There’s nothing quite like the smell of opening a new (or old!) book to read. Turning and feeling the actual pages.

But, as consumers seek more convenience, the reality is that carrying books and making sure they fit in whatever bag you have is quite a hassle. This is why e-readers such as the Kindle, Nook and other tablets have been replacing the physical copies and will predictably do so for some time to come.

Where do you think consumer behaviour is headed next? We’d love to your thoughts about the good (and bad) of technology in the comments below!