16 Romanian phrases that British people find hilarious

We recently wrote 14 Polish phrases that British people find hilarious and the Romanian guy in the office said, “Ha! You should hear some Romanian phrases, they’re far better than Polish ones.”

So we sat down with him for a few hours and illustrated his favourites. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

1. “Like an old lady with a machine-gun”

Romanian: ca baba si mitraliera
English: a person object being massively unsuitable for the job in hand

2. “Leap like a frog into the concrete”

Romanian: se arunca ca broasca-n beton
English: jumping the gun

3. “Stare like a cat at a calendar”

Romanian: se uita ca pisica-n calendar
English: looking at someone confused

4. “Walking with the painted crow”

Romanian: umbla cu cioara vopsita
English: pulling the wool over someone’s eyes (blantantly)

5. “The TV has fleas!”

Romanian: televizorul are purici
English: There’s static on the TV

6. “Making a stallion out of a mosquito”

Romanian: a făcut din ţânţar armăsar
English: making a mountain out of a molehill

7. “Hit your own testicles with a claw hammer”

Romanian: si-a dat cu tesla-n coaie
English: shooting yourself in the foot

8. “Walk the bear”

Romanian: plimba ursul
English: go away and leave me in peace

9. “Like a donkey in the mist”

Romanian: ca magarul in ceata
English: disappearing when you’re most needed

10. “You have dwarfs on your brain!”

Romanian: a avea pitici pe creier
English: being or saying something crazy

11. “Makes it of sheep”

Romanian: a o face de oaie
English: making a pigs ear of something

12. “Have you stepped on a lightbulb?”

Romanian: calcă pe bec
English: you’ve done something wrong

13. “Was this house built on a slope?”

Romanian: dacă ai casa în pantă
English: suggesting that someone should close the door

14. “Making a whip out of poo”

Romanian: face din rahat bici
English: making a little go a long way

15. “He has a carrot in his bum”

Romanian: are un morcov în fund
English: you’re looking nervous

16. “Did you come with your palm between your butt-cheeks?”

Romanian: a venit cu mana in fund
English: not bringing a gift when you visit

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